ODPG Workshops : Helping You Get the Best from Your Organic Farm

There are some really useful ODPG workshops coming up, designed to help you get your farm working to its full potential.

On-Farm Assessment is invaluable for those seeking to constantly improve the way their farm works to achieve the best results.
We’ve worked hard to come up with a programme that will look at all tools available to the farmer for assessing their farm, including Graham Shepherd’s new abbreviated VSA, Holistic Grazing observation tools, Brix, EC and Sap PH metres, Plate meters Penetrometers, Infiltration measurements, and of course, the trusty spade.

We have two courses currently planned. Please follow the link for more information :
September 28th – Hawkes Bay
October 5th – Coromandel 
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This Small Microscope Training Class, conducted by Soil Foodweb NZ, will cover a basic understanding of the soil foodweb principles, including how to use a small microscope, the identification of bacteria, fungi, protozoa, nematodes, and how to conduct qualitative assessments of your own compost inoculum, etc.

October 12th – Coromandel
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John King’s workshops are always full of valuable information and well worth attending.
On this course, we will look at the problems and opportunities you face with pastures, soils, water quality, weeds and pests, and how your farm would benefit if these were addressed. You’ll build an awareness of what to look for in the paddock, and how to relate your findings to landscape function.
We’ll address how to measure pasture characteristics, assess the measurements, and identify possible solutions to increase your farm productivity and profitability.

November 9th – Waikato
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An essential one-day intensive look at composting on the farm and how to make it work for you. This will include This one-day workshop will cover the basics of on farm composting including a review of soil biology, the carbon cycle, principles of thermal composting and vermi composting, compost pile types and construction, utilizing farm resources, recipes for optimum composting, monitoring and maintaining, assessing quality, and much more…

November 23rd – Coromandel

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TO VIEW ALL OUR WORKSHOPS IN FULL, please visit the website: https://organicpastoral.co.nz/events/

* A note to South Island farmers : We are planning to bring some workshops to you in the Autumn. If you would like to offer your services as a venue, or as a helper, please contact us direct at odpg22@gmail.com

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