Opinions on the Organic Products Bill

The controversial Organic Products Bill, which proposes one standard for certification controlled by MPI, is currently with the Select Committee after a First Reading and following Submissions.

This objectives of this bill are to increase consumer confidence in purchasing organic products, increase certainty for businesses making claims that their products are organic, and facilitate international trade in organic products.

Organic Products Bill | NZ Parliament

But the Bill has been receiving a lot of criticism from those involved in the organic industry, as can be witnessed by the 344 submissions it has received from interested parties.

Organics Aotearoa New Zealand (OANZ) chairman Chris Morrison said the proposed legislation would do little to foster the domestic organic market, and its costs were likely to drive smaller growers out.

Stuff.co.nz | Proposed NZ organic farming legislation ‘from the dark ages’

At the ODPG, we consulted with our members after summarising the lengthy Bill for easier reading, and formulated a group submission, and also asked our members to submit individually. It was encouraged to see how many people contributed and we await the results of the reading with interest.

All the submissions are available for viewing on the Government website.

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