Suppliers 2021

Here is a list of our approved suppliers of goods and services for the Organic, Regenerative and Biological farming industry who support the ODPG. For more information please see each individual entry. If you wish to be included in this list, please contact us.



Chaos Springs is New Zealand’s leading source for Compost. We make compost we sell compost and composting equipment and consult on composting operations of all sizes. We also run classes in composting making and including liquid compost extracts and teas. We manufacture two liquid compost systems; The Cyclone Multitask Sprayer. And Dynamic Mixers Compost Tea Brewer.

In addition we operate a 200 acre mixed cropping farm raising animals, vegetables and fruits. Classes are offered on a wide range of farming and gardening topics. See our website for more information


Better water, better pasture, better health

Hydro Boost increases grass growth by using a low frequency radio to energise water as it passes through the unit. The energised water increases nutrient uptake, water viscosity and enhances root system development in plants.

Hydro Boost stimulates the electrochemical activity of molecules, prevents the formation of scale and dissolves the minerals normally contained in water, allowing them to be absorbed more quickly. In plants, it increases their natural immune system, enhancing the root activity and stimulating the process of photosynthesis, increasing the absorption of CO2 from the air.

Through regular use of Hydro Boost, pasture quality is improved, and growth is maintained during dry periods, while reducing the amount of irrigation required.

The benefits of Hydro Boost can be applied across three areas: pasture growth, water quality and animal health.

NZ Humates Ltd.

NZ Humates Ltd was born in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. We are leading the drive to improve the quality of our soil, enhance yields and nutritional value for farmers, and reduce our impact on the environment. We committed to a world where farmers get the best out of their land, where soils are rich in nutrients, where waterways are brought back to life through the containment of nitrates, and where carbon is captured from the atmosphere and stored in the soil.

NZ Humates has access to some of the highest quality raw humates in the world, and we are fortunate to be able to develop this into some excellent liquid products and provide them to farmers and horticulturalists throughout New Zealand. Our humates is rich in fulvic and humic acids and is a significant source of carbon. Our products can help farmers build up their soil organic matter, thereby increasing water holding capacity, holding more nutrients in the soil for uptake when the plant requires it, and significantly reduce leaching.

We’re extremely proud to be another innovative New Zealand company playing our part assisting farmers to improve their soil, provide higher quality food to the people and be sustainable guardians of their land.


At 5th Business Agri we’re passionate about stock wellness. We all agree that we are what we eat, and the same applies to our livestock. Analysing our diet for mineral content, particularly our pastures, and understanding the dietary risks can help to achieve optimal animal performance and efficiency.

We have an intelligent farm decision support tool called the DietDecoder that will help you make the best decisions around mineral supplementation and nutrient use on your farm.

We can work with you or your trusted advisor and will add value to your business.

Fun Fact: It’s estimated that we could achieve about a 10% reduction (below baseline) in absolute agricultural emissions through enhanced animal performance. Animal efficiency is something we can improve on right now and this starts with understanding our pastures. We look forward to having a chat.


  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Enquiries: 027 465 1906
  • Address: PO Box 442 | Waipukurau | 4242
  • Contact: Phyllis Tichinin (CEO/Owner)

Wondering how to deal with cow infections when certified organic? Looking for more ‘tools in the organic toolbox’? The True Health remedies come from Dr Paul Dettloff, senior consulting vet for the 1400 NOP certified dairies in the USA Organic Valley milk cooperative. Dr Paul has developed these plant based remedies over the last 35 years and they are now used on thousands of farms and by dozens of veterinary practices throughout the USA. The 17 True Health Ltd. products are BioGro certified and ideal for naturally and powerfully dealing to the major animal health and calving challenges.The remedies can boost natural animal immune response to help fight off infections and heal minor wounds and skin conditions. They may also be helpful with post calving problems, calf rumen health and hormonal balance in cows. They include: alcohol tinctures, or essential oil extracts, aloe based liquids, udder oils, and boluses. Above all, Dr Paul stresses the importance of good soil remineralisation so that high quality pasture nutrition supports cow growth, production and health. These medicinal plant remedies are a bridge to better animal production as we all strive for minerally balanced soils, high brix pastures, contented animals and a healthy environment.

Soil to Soul

Soil to soul: bringing soul to soil.

The soul of the soil is all that lives an moves within the soil. We work with Biodynamic practices. By working with these we can increase the Brix reading that gives an indication of photosynthesis in the plant. increasing the uptake of light by the plant also helps the plant nitrates and simple proteins to complex proteins that are more nutritious to our domestic animals. We and they need eight essential amino acids when they are mature and nine while young.

The increase in sugars feed the soil food web that in turn enable the plant to choose what it needs and when.

Biodynamic practice also includes the right ratio of shrubs and trees for your situation to nurture via self medication, and extra fodder. This practice also increases the comfort to animals and by reducing the wind-flow increases the value of carbon dioxide for the next round of photosynthesis and reduces what is otherwise lost to the atmosphere. Both soil carbon as humus and trees well placed keep the soil cooler in summer so increasing the time that soil biology can be fully active. These are not the only potential benefits. We are happy to join with you as part of your farm team. We look forward to hearing from you.

We work with soil tests and balancing of the elements in soil and plant.


Here at Farmlands, we can assist you with your rural supplies such as fencing and hardware, and we can also help with organic crop protection and nutrition inputs.

Farmlands is Biogro certified to retail organic products and we have even certified a few of our own! We have a field team of Technical Field Officers who can meet with you on your farm, to better understand your business, and advise you on how we can add value to your operation.

The organic initiative is overseen by Gaz Ingram, who is the Farmlands Head of Future Land & Food. Gaz works across multiple crop type and growing operations focused into organic production.

We’re here to help, and we look forward to hearing from you.


  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Enquiries: 0800 2BIOAG (224 624)
  • Address: Unit 3/68 Dunlop Rd | Onekawa | Napier
  • Contact:  Steven Haswell

Biological agriculture systems incorporate the natural functions of soil and plant biology in providing efficiency in soil, pasture and crop fertility programmes. BioAg has international agronomic experience spanning over 45 years with a collective team knowledge of over 100 years in biological systems, and are leaders in advanced microbial technology for agriculture.

Our company BioAg Ltd, a privately owned New Zealand business established in July 2007, introduced the BioAg agronomic system and range of BioAg liquid cultures from Australia (BioAg Pty Ltd). BioAg Australia has been manufacturing and supplying farmers and growers internationally with solid and liquid products since 1999.


Understanding how the microbes effect soil health requires a detailed knowledge on what organisms exist in the soil, how many of them are active, how efficient the nutrient cycling capability is and if the balances are correct for the crop grown.

At SFI NZ, the team assesses soil, compost, compost tea, leaf colonisation, vermicast and various other biological products for fungi, bacteria, protozoa, and mycorrhizal fungi. Armed with this information you are then able to confidently decide on the right management tools plus weigh up how effective they are over ensuing years. Working with many input suppliers and consultants we are able to adapt the farmers existing nutrient program to facilitate a smooth transition from ‘mineral-only’ replacement to biological production.

By maintaining an annual monitoring program, the transformation is able to progress at the same rate as the farmers understanding and confidence.


The biological solution for all your soil and animal health needs

Southern Humates offers you the very best in soil and animal health for your farm. Using nutrient-rich humate from a unique humate stream in Southland, Southern Humates have consistently high levels of humic acid in its products. Southern Humates is backed by scientific research, has been independently tested and is certified for organic input.

Humic acids are essential to life on earth and when they become depleted through modern farming practices, soil problems develop resulting in poor performance of plants and stock. Southern Humates stimulate microbial activity within the soil, which increases bacteria and fungi levels, leading to improved plant quality, better yields and greater productivity.

Not only do Humic acids benefit the soil, but they are also equally important in boosting stock health. The humic acid in our humate along with the high levels of carbon aid an animals ability detox when facing a disease challenge. The carbon in humates absorb any toxins your animals may encountering and cause them to be discharged via the digestive tract. Particularly in the situation of calf rearing, farmers are finding that by having humates available as a loose lick, prevention is better than the cure.


The Ecofarm Aotearoa Systems Soil Management Programme

Ecofarm Aotearoa has developed a soil management programme that is designed to allow the unimpeded function of soil, soil biology and plants, and to provide the information that is required for accurate, cost effective intervention when required. The Ecofarm Aotearoa soil management system incorporates the following components of nature:

  • Soil Mineralogy
  • Soil Biology
  • Soil Electro-magnetic Energy
  • The Soil / plant Nutrient Cycle


The Ecofarm Aotearoa soil management program is designed to reinstate the natural functions of the sun, soil, soil biology and plant energy cycle and, in conjunction with appropriate environment management the program will result in nutritious crops, healthy productive livestock and the creation of food that is fit for purpose from a production system that maintains the environment and keeps councils happy.


Grazing Coach

I help pastoral farmers who want to improve net farm profit and improve soil fertility move towards regenerative farming. I started my regenerative/organic farming journey thirty years ago and made many costly mistakes along the way. I share my farming experiences to help you make management decisions based on what works and what doesn’t in the field. Let me help you tailor regenerative grazing to your situation and teach you how to get optimal animal performance. I also help clients create grazing strategy for their individual farm in a New Zealand context.


Zest Biotech provides innovative products to enable optimal plant health and livestock performance. Our products have been used by growers and farmers across New Zealand for more than 10 years.

We know that every New Zealander has a strong desire to protect and nurture the land we live and work on. We also understand your livelihood depends on the productivity of your land. At Zest Biotech we design products to enable Kiwi farmers and growers to produce high quality produce, sustainably.


  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Enquiries: 027 747 2817
  • Address: 24 Carey Road | Coromandel | 3584
  • Contact: Colin Caldwell

Quality Seaweeds supplies high quality seaweed bio stimulants, collected from the shore areas around our 200 Ha coastal beef farm. Our products are 100% air dried indoors at source for maximum nutrient retention, suitable for all kinds of agriculture and horticulture production systems, organic and conventional.

After 10 years of development, our process offers a product that is second to none.  Our farmer to farmer supply chain cuts out manufacture margins and delivers on quality and price every time.

Call by the farm and see what we do or check us out at or on Facebook @qualityseaweeds.


Biostart has been quietly getting on with solving productivity issues and improving sustainability through harnessing naturally occurring microbes for the last 25 years. We believe the key to productivity lies in keeping soil, plants and animals in optimal health. This, along with an early dedication to sustainability followed with extensive trialing, now puts Biostart in the position of being able to provide primary industry with reliable and sustainable products that both improve productivity and help protect our environment at this time of crucial change. 

NZ Kelp

NZ Kelp produces Dried Kelp products – Zelp Powder for sowing seed, Flour for foliar spray and Kibble/Meal for Animal health.

All of our Zelp kelp is:

Fresh – Our Kelp is hand gathered fresh from live plants in New Zealand’s clean waters.

Nutrient rich – New Zealand’s richest natural source of Iodine & contains over 29 trace elements.

Traceable – We can tell you where & when your batch of kelp was harvested & who harvested it.

Sustainable – NZ Giant Kelp is sustainably managed under New Zealand’s world renown Quota Management System (QMS)

Certified Organic – All of our products are fully certified organic with AsureQuality.


  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Enquiries: 027 673 7885
  • Address: Christchurch
  • Contact: John King

Succession – Opening Minds to Opportunity

If you want to lower farm production costs and lift farm profitability then read on…

Succession events train farmers to manage sustainable businesses. These events explore how families, money, and technology come together to make businesses and properties successful. Using new insights, farmers and their families create practical and profitable ideas for working with land and managing farm businesses.

John’s passions are education, environment, and entrepreneurship. Farm practices need to regenerate soils, lift profits, and lower labour, the new triple bottom line. The services John provides help farm families and businesses develop confidence to try new ideas and achieve these outcomes. Emphasis is placed on observation, monitoring, and analysis, a learning process that makes farmers proactive in pursuing their dreams. These techniques draw on John’s experiences as a certified Holistic Management® educator and his direct access to the Holistic Management global network.


Penergetic products provide a complete solution for plants, animals, humans and agriculture based on natural bio technology, improving and supporting weakened environmental processes with lasting stability. Not only do Penergetic products deal with the symptoms, they go right to the root cause of the problem. Sustainability can only be achieved by healing our environment in its entirety.

Penergetic products include:

  • Natural additives and supplements in the animal feed sector.
  • Natural additives that effectively boost the quality, health and yield of plants.
  • Optimum liquid manure and slurry treatment products.
  • Informed products which activate healthy soil life and composting.
  • Water treatment systems which embrace a vitalisation of drinking water, water regeneration of swimming pools, ponds, and large bodies of water for agriculture, residential, commercial and industrial use.


  • Website:
  • Email:
  • Enquiries:  020 4136 0286
  • Contact:   Glenn Mead (CEO/Owner)

I offer on-farm assessments, meetings, advice and reports for:

  • Organic Certification – understanding the basics.
  • Organic management plans and paperwork for those considering conversion to certified organic farming.
  • Assistance with organic audits preparations.
  • Transition planning from Substitution Organics to Regenerative Holistic Management.
  • Regenerative and Sustainable farming management.
  • Holistic management and alternate farming opportunities.
  • Trial and research work – establishment and research reviews


“Yes we’re a fertiliser company, but that’s not what gets us up in the morning. We see our real job as getting your soil and pasture in the best health it’s ever been.”

Our approach is far better for the environment. And when you want to take care of your asset, meet the inevitable future demands of a much more health conscious consumer market, and stay ahead of tightening environmental regulations, that’s important. But it’s also better for your bottom line – healthier soil, pasture and animals, meaning healthier financial returns.Ask us to show and prove it – “we can”


When you are ill, you go to a doctor. Like your body, your farm is a complex ecosystem that needs regular expert attention and “checkups.”

While agriculture suppliers are usually helpful and can be a good source of information, their focus is on the products they offer and make money from.

At Integrity Soils our team of consultants specialises in biological farming systems and their management. For over 15 years, we have been helping, teaching and inspiring farmers, ranchers and the organisations that support and supply them.


The organics movement is growing and Osflo Fertiliser Ltd has been committed to providing a sustainable solution to organic growers and farmers since 2006. Osflo is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fertilisers that is BioGro certified and Fertmark registered.

Its unique blend of essential elements and nutrients, combined with organic matter is proven to improve soil fertility and sustain and increase plant growth.

  • Naturally balanced with a rich supply of all essential elements to promote and sustain healthy plant growth
  • A sustainable fertiliser with high levels of organic matter to sustain and improve the soil’s physical, chemical and biological health
  • Part of the nutrient in Osflo is immediately available therefore fast acting. The remaining nutrient is released slowly, giving sustained activity, which is beneficial to the plant and the environment
  • Regular use of Osflo provides an excellent environment for earthworms and encourages a desirable soil environment for micro-organisms. Increased soil biological activity improves nutrient utilization and helps plants establish deeper rooting systems.


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Our aim is to provide you with a sustainable soil fertility programme, resulting in nutrient-dense pasture, crops and animal food products, for the health and well-being of all.

Biological Fertilisers

Healthy soils with diverse soil microbes are the aim of biological farming (also known as sustainable agriculture and eco-agriculture).  Years of chemical fertiliser application, pesticide, herbicide and fungicide use have left many of our soils nearly devoid of the soil microbes needed to created healthy soils.  Symptoms of these sick soils are: weeds, insect pests, and sick animals.

The majority of our solid fertilisers are inoculated with beneficial soil bacteria and fungi – hence we call them biological fertilisers.  So while you are building your soil fertility with the minerals necessary for plants to grow to their full potential (to become nutrient dense food), you are also building up the soil life underground.

Many of our fertilisers are BioGro certified.


UPL is focused on emerging as a premier global provider of total crop solutions designed to secure the world’s long-term food supply. Winning farmers hearts across the globe, while leading the way with innovative products and services that make agriculture sustainable, UPL is the fastest growing company in the industry.

We have a wide range of UPL products to meet your farming needs.


Based in the Waikato, our goal is to assist and support farmers in improving the health of their animals in a gentle, safe, effective, and environmentally-friendly manner.

To achieve this, our team has developed a range of BioGro-certified* organic products for farm animals and have delivered seminars, discussions, and introductory talks to farmers all over the country about homeopathy.

We provides farmers with a knowledgeable and friendly helpdesk and telephone support service.

Dairy farmers and a significant number of sheep and beef producers use homeopathy (exclusively or along with veterinary medicine) due to the success they have experienced using homeopathy to improve and maintain the health of their animals and the productivity of their farms.


Future Post are the award-winning, NZ made, 100% Recycled posts made from domestic and commercial waste plastics diverted from national landfill.

Bio-Gro certified, CCA-free and proven not to leach, the posts are UV stabilised and advance tested for 50+ year life expectancy. Strong, solid, eco-friendly and highly durable for a wide range of general fencing, farming, hort, marine, equine and landscaping use. Ideal under irrigation lines, around waterways and wet hygiene areas where they do not rot. Impenetrable by moisture / frost / insects / fungi. Non-conductive so no insulators required for electric fencing. Squares and rounds available, competitive pricing.

Please contact us for info and orders.

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