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New Zealand’s network of organic, regenerative and biological producers in the dairy, sheep, beef & general pastoral industries.

The Organic Dairy and Pastoral Group (ODPG) is the national representative body for certified organic livestock and cropping farms across New Zealand, and also welcomes regenerative and biological farmers. Members come from all part of the country, from regional groups, input providers and retailers of organic product.

The ODPG is a member of the Organic Exporters Association of New Zealand and has relationships with the main organic processing companies. We also act as a lobby group to industry, government and support businesses, as without such a common voice, farmers concerns are often never heard. We welcome and encourage anyone interested in organic, regenerative and biological pastoral farming.

We are continuously exploring all opportunities that help and support farmers of New Zealand.

We see organic dairying and pastoral enterprises as being the way to save NZ’s farming advantages and traditions of family farms, excellent animal care, environmental purity and the world’s best milk, meat and fibre.

We offer straight forward farmer advice and experience backed up by academic knowledge on how to run organic pastoral farms efficiently, profitably and caringly. We have a network of dozens of successful organic, regenerative and biological farmers willing to provide mentoring and workshops on what they have learned and how they farm.

We have an email discussion group and a Facebook page where notices, job opportunities, questions and comments are displayed. We run workshops and field trips and organise an annual conference. When this is not possible, we switch to online webinar learning.

Join us. Learn with us, contribute back to others.


There is steady growth in the organic food sector. The environmental benefits and demand for organic products make organic farming a sound business decision. There is a rising need for co-ordination of processing and marketing of organic products such as meat, milk, fibre, supplementary feeds and grazing.

Members have different reasons why they manage their farming businesses organically, yet the common goal is the same. All realise that shared knowledge and support will help their business stay on the front foot of sustainability.



The combined membership of the ODPG and regional organic groups is made up of organic livestock farmers, input providers, regenerative, biological and conventional farmers spread throughout New Zealand.

With the low density of organic farms in New Zealand and the wide geographic distribution, there is a lot to be gained from combining resources to provide a network that supports our farmers and the growth of the organic sector.

 What we can do for you:-

  • We aim to facilitate communication channels that enable information sharing, networking and support.
  • The ODPG promotes organic, regenerative and biological events and is an advocate for our farmers.
  • Through discussion groups, mentoring, and our email and Facebook network there is support for members and communication enabling the sales of feed and livestock as well as discussion on current issues.
  • The ODPG website has technical information and links available to assist farmers looking for more sustainable ways of farming.


We offer two types of Membership:

FARM MEMBERSHIP – for those interested in organic, regenerative and biological farming.

COMMERCIAL MEMBERSHIP – for product companies, educators and services supporting the organic farming industry.

Connect up and benefit from the support and information from the network…

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