Important Issues

Although our emphasis for the ODPG is farmer to farmer education there are many other issues that affect us, such as government policy and regulations and social perception of our industry. So, this section on our website will be used to communicate things we think are important.

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Healthy River Programme Report

By Fiona Ellmers

Healthy Rivers – Wai Ora are just starting the second block of submissions which has the most submissions to be heard. That process extends into July. I believe there is a third block happening in August. It is going to continue to be a long winded process but hopefully that will allow a lot of relevant material to be presented and evaluated by the hearing panel. I think we can be hopeful that this will be taken note of. It is so much better than the usual council processes where they request submissions of their proposed changes and ultimately have already decided what they are going to do and are only going through a sham public consultation process. This time we have an independent hearing panel. I believe the other regulatory bodies and government will be watching this space. It is so critical that this is done right because it has the potential to “fix” a lot of things.

There is a lot of damaging information in the proposed plan change which highlights the ignorance in a number of areas of the creators, e.g. proposed exclusion of cattle from country of “x” gradient which has no scientific validation and comes only from observation of erosion of a certain soil type on the east coast – a plan to institute that throughout the Waikato is doesn’t seem to make any sense.