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The Organic Dairy & Pastoral Group of New Zealand offer straight forward farmer advice and experience backed up by academic knowledge on how to run organic pastoral farms efficiently, profitably and caringly. We have a network of dozens of successful organic farmers willing to provide mentoring and workshops on what they have learned and how they farm.

We also embrace Regenerative and Biological Farming, and welcome anyone into our group who is looking for a better way to farm.


Several of our workshops and lectures have been filmed so that we can share them with our wider membership. To join ODPG and view all our resources, please visit our Membership page.

ODPG Conference Videos

Our ODPG ‘Renerative Soil Solution’ Conference presentations are available to members and non-members on a dedicated page:

Other Videos Available

Why Organic Dairying – Phyllis Tichinin (48 mins)

‘How to Maximise Plant Uptake of Nutrients’ – Graham Shepherd (1 hr 20 mins)

‘Healthy Soil. Healthy Cow’ with Dr Paul Dettloff (1 hr 40 mins)

‘Reading the Hair. Signs of a Healthy Cow’ with Dr Paul Dettloff (41 mins)

‘Demystifying the Holistic Grazing Plan’ WEBINAR with John King and Siobhan Griffin (1h 15 mins)

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Recommended Viewing

My Regenerative Grazing Story’ by Siobhan Griffin (Next Level Grazing)

South Otago Grazing Coach, Siobhan from Next Level Grazing Ltd. has kindly put together a great video presentation for the ODPG charting her Regenerative Grazing journey from America to New Zealand. It includes advice from those she has consulted with over the years, and examples from farms she has helped.

‘The Regenerators: A Better Way to Farm’ by Greenpeace NZ

An inspirational short film showcasing New Zealand farmers leading the way with regenerative techniques to save our rivers from pollution and contamination. The Regenerators is a short doco by Greenpeace about these ecological pioneers restoring their soils, protecting waterways and farming for the future.


Organic Vet, Dr Paul Dettloff Visits New Zealand

The Organic Dairy and Pastoral Group, together with True Health NZ, hosted a series of successful workshops with Dr Paul Dettloff, the consulting vet for the largest organic milk cooperative in the USA with 1,700 dairy farms.

Click here to hear an interview with Dr Paul on RadioNZ

dr paul