Supporting our ODPG Suppliers

This year, we have a total of 24 Commercial Members who help to keep the ODPG going with their membership, and often step forward when we need event sponsors or webinar hosts. We would like to say a big thank you to every single one of them for joining us this year. They enable us to support our organic and regenerative farmers with advice, resources, webinars, workshops and conferences. Continue reading Supporting our ODPG Suppliers

MPI Workshops, Huis and more info on the Proposed Organic Regulations

MPI have set up a number of Workshops and Huis around New Zealand, and online, to discuss the proposed regulations on Organic businesses, which are as follows:
Proposed requirements and processes associated with the approval of organic businesses. Recognition of third-party agencies and persons that would check compliance. Use of a national mark for organic products Continue reading MPI Workshops, Huis and more info on the Proposed Organic Regulations

Stop Treating Soil Like Dirt

The first UN Global Symposium on Soil Biodiversity is taking place from the 19th to the 22nd of April, with the aim of producing a World Soil Charter to support actions to protect soil biodiversity. You can attend the symposium webinars for free at 11pm (Auckland time) each day of the conference, by registering HERE.

With destructive farming and deforestation practises, we are losing our rich networks of topsoil 50 to 100 times faster than we can rebuild it. A recent article in The Guardian highlights the crisis of soil degradation, and the impact it has on our climate. Continue reading Stop Treating Soil Like Dirt