Membership FAQ

Q. What is the cost of becoming a member of the ODPG and the benefits?

A. The cost of membership is $80.00 GST inclusive annually.  The membership year goes from January 1 to December 31 of each year. This goes toward administrative costs and putting on field days. We are not a profit making organisation. We seek and lobby funding to enable education and information to parties interested.
To be in contact with other people who are interested in the organic dairying and pastoral sector.
Able to obtain advice from other organic farmers about issues and concerns that relate to your farming system.

Q. Do I need to be an organic pastoral or dairy farmer to be a member of the ODPG?

1. No you can be a conventional farmer but it would help if you were interested in biological, chemical free, soil remineralisation farming.
2. A supplier of inputs that can be used in organic systems.
3. An organic extension service provider.
All membership applications will be assessed before being accepted.

Q. Do the ODPG have an office?

A. No the executives meet three to five times annually at a convenient venue. [E.g. An executive’s home which is central to all] The AGM is moved around the country to give the regions close by the opportunity to attend.

Q. What are the ODPG values?

  • supportive and co-operative group
  • sustainable agriculture
  • nuturing the environment
  • supporting natural organic food systems.

Q. What is the ODPG vision?

The Organic Dairy & Pastoral Group will be the source of support for organic farming systems.