Members Survey 2018

In October 2018, we submitted a survey to our members in order to find out more about them, and determine what their needs were going forward. Approximately 50% of our members filled in the electronic survey and the results have given us some good direction for the coming year at ODPG.


– The two main reasons our members are organic are environmental and market opportunities.

– The top two reasons people join ODPG are for networking with like-minded farmers and for support and resources. This was reaffirmed by the question ‘what have been the most valuable aspects of membership’.

Valuable aspects ODPG2

– The most pressing issues are currently:

  • Grazing management
  • Animal health
  • Pasture and seeding mixes
  • Fertilisers

Info needs

– Moving forward, members would like us to provide:

  • Access to written material
  • Action to influence political change
  • Activism to promote organic / regenerative agriculture
  • Information on grazing cover crops
  • More about basic principles and practices

Going Forward2

– 55% of member expectations had been met. For 44%, expectations had been met in some ways. We hope to improve on this statistic in 2019.

– 91% of members believed they getting value for the ODPG Membership, and we received some encouraging feedback.

– 51 out of 54 members found value in the ODPG workshops they attended.

And we also received some great comments and suggestions which will help us shape the future of ODPG.


Thank you to all those who contributed.