Suppliers 2023

A list of our approved Suppliers, Educators and Services in the Organic, Regenerative and Biological Farming industries who support the ODPG. For more information, please see each individual entry below.

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Corinne runs BoundarylessNZ, a research consultancy specialising in social science within social-ecological systems (SES). Her passion is to investigate the role of different types of values and worldviews, including Indigenous, in environmental governance and management of food systems. Social science has been increasingly recognised as key to addressing environmental issues, especially as different groups with diverse values and aspirations often engage with each other in the same natural environments.

The aim of Corinne’s PhD research, which she completed in 2020, was to identify how kaitiakitanga (Māori environmental guardianship) might be supported to help reverse the decline of Aotearoa New Zealand’s biodiversity. To do so, she investigated social-psychological factors influencing environmental decision-making by tangata tiaki (Māori environmental guardians) and three stakeholder groups (landowners, Crown institute members, and hunters) associated with wetland ecosystems. Corinne wanted to know what issues might prevent these diverse groups from realising their values and aspirations regarding wetlands (e.g., diverging management priorities between groups).

Originally from Normandy (France), Corinne lived in the UK for 15 years where she worked as an Account Manager in the print industry, before moving to Aotearoa and returning to university to study psychology. She has been living in Ōtautahi Christchurch with her partner and two children since 2008. She holds a BA (Hons) in Applied Languages from the University of Caen (France), and a Grad Dip Sc in Psychology, Master of Science in Applied Psychology, and PhD in Management from the University of Canterbury (Aotearoa).

BoundarylessNZ receives funding from the Cawthron Institute as part of NZ’s Biological Heritage National Science Challenge Biological Heritage – National Science Challenge (


Chaos Springs is New Zealand’s leading source for Compost. We make compost we sell compost and composting equipment and consult on composting operations of all sizes. We also run classes in composting making and including liquid compost extracts and teas. We manufacture two liquid compost systems; The Cyclone Multitask Sprayer. And Dynamic Mixers Compost Tea Brewer.

In addition we operate a 200 acre mixed cropping farm raising animals, vegetables and fruits. Classes are offered on a wide range of farming and gardening topics. See our website for more information


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Founded in 1947, Avoca supplies lime, BioGro certified fertilisers, and biological stimulants, and provides soil health and fertility consultancy tailored to your farm.

Avoca’s Te Kauwhata depot is BioGro certified (#6045) to supply phosphate rock, lime, and magnesium carbonate. Avoca is BioGro certified to mix these inputs with other organic fertiliser inputs, and to mix customer-supplied organic fertiliser inputs.


NZ Humates Ltd was born in the beautiful Bay of Plenty, New Zealand. We are leading the drive to improve the quality of our soil, enhance yields and nutritional value for farmers, and reduce our impact on the environment. We committed to a world where farmers get the best out of their land, where soils are rich in nutrients, where waterways are brought back to life through the containment of nitrates, and where carbon is captured from the atmosphere and stored in the soil.

NZ Humates has access to some of the highest quality raw humates in the world, and we are fortunate to be able to develop this into some excellent liquid products and provide them to farmers and horticulturalists throughout New Zealand. Our humates is rich in fulvic and humic acids and is a significant source of carbon. Our products can help farmers build up their soil organic matter, thereby increasing water holding capacity, holding more nutrients in the soil for uptake when the plant requires it, and significantly reduce leaching.

We’re extremely proud to be another innovative New Zealand company playing our part assisting farmers to improve their soil, provide higher quality food to the people and be sustainable guardians of their land.


Wondering how to deal with cow infections when certified organic? Looking for more ‘tools in the organic toolbox’? The True Health remedies come from Dr Paul Dettloff, senior consulting vet for the 1400 NOP certified dairies in the USA Organic Valley milk cooperative. Dr Paul has developed these plant based remedies over the last 35 years and they are now used on thousands of farms and by dozens of veterinary practices throughout the USA. The 17 True Health Ltd. products are BioGro certified and ideal for naturally and powerfully dealing to the major animal health and calving challenges.The remedies can boost natural animal immune response to help fight off infections and heal minor wounds and skin conditions. They may also be helpful with post calving problems, calf rumen health and hormonal balance in cows. They include: alcohol tinctures, or essential oil extracts, aloe based liquids, udder oils, and boluses. Above all, Dr Paul stresses the importance of good soil remineralisation so that high quality pasture nutrition supports cow growth, production and health. These medicinal plant remedies are a bridge to better animal production as we all strive for minerally balanced soils, high brix pastures, contented animals and a healthy environment.


Better water, better pasture, better health

Hydro Boost increases grass growth by using a low frequency radio to energise water as it passes through the unit. The energised water increases nutrient uptake, water viscosity and enhances root system development in plants.

Hydro Boost stimulates the electrochemical activity of molecules, prevents the formation of scale and dissolves the minerals normally contained in water, allowing them to be absorbed more quickly. In plants, it increases their natural immune system, enhancing the root activity and stimulating the process of photosynthesis, increasing the absorption of CO2 from the air.

Through regular use of Hydro Boost, pasture quality is improved, and growth is maintained during dry periods, while reducing the amount of irrigation required.

The benefits of Hydro Boost can be applied across three areas: pasture growth, water quality and animal health.


Our mission at Roots, Shoots & Fruits is to support New Zealand growers to produce quality, nutrient dense food. By growing healthier more resilient plants we can reduce costs and also reduce reliance on synthetic fungicides, pesticides and fertilisers that can be harmful to humans and the environment.

Roots Shoots and Fruits is an agricultural company working to provide leading solutions and profitability for growers in horticulture, viticulture, agriculture, flora-culture & turf production throughout New Zealand. Achieved through the use of environmentally sustainable biological organisms and innovative technologies, from JH Biotech, in plant and soil nutrition; for the benefit of human health and New Zealand’s environment.


We Renegerate Soil

The Bactivate program uses scientific rigour and specific bacillus bacteria combined with the right supplements to partner in regenerating your soil for you and the next generation.

Soil and the communities within them are the very basis for life on this planet. As custodians of the land the regeneration of our soil is the most important thing we can do for the next generation. If we make the choice to regenerate our soil, we believe the future will be bright. And it is not like it will take a lifetime. We are actually incredibly lucky. With Bactivate we can speed up regeneration. In a few months you will begin to see the results. In 10 years you will look back with relief that you began your journey to becoming a soil farmer when you did. Today.


Penergetic products are organic biostimulant additives used in agriculture to reactivate existing biological activity back to natural levels. Benefits from use include improved soil structures, stronger plant growth with increased yields giving rise to healthier and more vibrant crops and animals.

Penergetic’s biostimulation technology applied to agriculture promotes increased biological life naturally and enduringly by activating the biological systems and harmonising the environment. With its resonating magnetic fields Penergetic biostimulation creates energy potentials including oxidation-reduction potentials capable of stimulating biological activity.

Penergetic soil, plant, compost, slurry, animal, and water products are each standalone products although have synergistic benefits when used in combination, especially the soil & plant products. Suitable for all soils, crops, and climates.

Working in partnership with Penergetic’s international network of clients, new and innovative individual products and solutions are continually being developed. Recent developments include wild animal deterrents (wild boar & deer products* released last year, with burrowing-animal deterrents in trial now), seed-coating, leaf-chewing insect deterrents, and plant fungi-reducing products are undergoing field trials and independent scientific evaluation. (*currently being trialled on kangaroos)


NZ Kelp produces Dried Kelp products – Zelp Powder for sowing seed, Flour for foliar spray and Kibble/Meal for Animal health.

All of our Zelp kelp is:

Fresh – Our Kelp is hand gathered fresh from live plants in New Zealand’s clean waters.

Nutrient rich – New Zealand’s richest natural source of Iodine & contains over 29 trace elements.

Traceable – We can tell you where & when your batch of kelp was harvested & who harvested it.

Sustainable – NZ Giant Kelp is sustainably managed under New Zealand’s world renown Quota Management System (QMS)

Certified Organic – All of our products are fully certified organic with AsureQuality.


We deliver personalised fertiliser programmes to New Zealand primary industries using innovative, ethically-sourced products focussing on nutrient efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Fertco clients benefit from truly personal service and tailor-made nutrient programmes that deliver results. Our field consultants will take the time to really understand the way you run your farm – your approach, your systems, and your goals, then carry out both soil and plant nutrient testing. We go further than pure chemistry; we also analyse soil biology and soil physicality. The result is a custom ‘prescription’ of fertiliser requirements, based on the test results and your individual situation.

Fertco also stock the largest range of organic fertiliser products in New Zealand.


Soil to soul: bringing soul to soil.

The soul of the soil is all that lives an moves within the soil. We work with Biodynamic practices. By working with these we can increase the Brix reading that gives an indication of photosynthesis in the plant. increasing the uptake of light by the plant also helps the plant nitrates and simple proteins to complex proteins that are more nutritious to our domestic animals. We and they need eight essential amino acids when they are mature and nine while young.

The increase in sugars feed the soil food web that in turn enable the plant to choose what it needs and when.

Biodynamic practice also includes the right ratio of shrubs and trees for your situation to nurture via self medication, and extra fodder. This practice also increases the comfort to animals and by reducing the wind-flow increases the value of carbon dioxide for the next round of photosynthesis and reduces what is otherwise lost to the atmosphere. Both soil carbon as humus and trees well placed keep the soil cooler in summer so increasing the time that soil biology can be fully active. These are not the only potential benefits. We are happy to join with you as part of your farm team. We look forward to hearing from you.

We work with soil tests and balancing of the elements in soil and plant.


AgriSea NZ Ltd. is a multi-award winning, second generation, family-owned and operated sustainable New Zealand company. They are the NZ seaweed specialists and dedicated to manufacturing quality, high nutrition products for soil, pasture and animal health. The company produces liquid seaweed concentrates for Soil, Foliar, Turf, Pasture and Animal Health and also seaweed salt licks, pellets for animal feed, and a seaweed solid slow-release nutrient product for the land.  


If you have extraordinary soil health you will have extraordinary plant health and vigour, animal health and vigour and greater profits. A win:win:win.

Ewan Campbell is the proud creator of Probitas – a blend included in the fertiliser prescribed and created specifically for your farm, that improves the electrical activity of the soil. Being a farmer himself Ewan also has an deep understanding of the issues farming and agricultural sector today understanding the effect of long term practices which have resulted in falling KPI’s, rising toxicities in the soil.

But it could be Ewan’s desire to be a ‘lazy farmer’ that has helped him develop a multi approach style to fertiliser blends that are only applied ONCE A YEAR. Then left alone. This is the hardest thing the farmer has to do – sit on his hands and let the system do it’s job!

So while you now have time to go fishing or play golf, you can also remember the cost effectiveness that Ecofarm Aotearoa have provided in their blends specific to your farm. There is no guess work, just science. And organic at that.

Vitus is our famous blend of five ingredients designed to assist with making available a full range of minerals in a bio-available form. Three of these ingredients originate from the ocean. All ingredients are blended and bagged in their natural state, exclusively at the Paeroa plant.

Get your farm back to it’s productive past, it’s nutritive heyday all the while knowing that you are improving the environmental impact. And with depots in the North and South Island it is easier than you might imagine! Ewan even wrote a book about it!


Understanding how the microbes effect soil health requires a detailed knowledge on what organisms exist in the soil, how many of them are active, how efficient the nutrient cycling capability is and if the balances are correct for the crop grown.

At SFI NZ, the team assesses soil, compost, compost tea, leaf colonisation, vermicast and various other biological products for fungi, bacteria, protozoa, and mycorrhizal fungi. Armed with this information you are then able to confidently decide on the right management tools plus weigh up how effective they are over ensuing years. Working with many input suppliers and consultants we are able to adapt the farmers existing nutrient program to facilitate a smooth transition from ‘mineral-only’ replacement to biological production.

By maintaining an annual monitoring program, the transformation is able to progress at the same rate as the farmers understanding and confidence.


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Future Post are the award-winning, NZ made, 100% Recycled posts made from domestic and commercial waste plastics diverted from national landfill.

Bio-Gro certified, CCA-free and proven not to leach, the posts are UV stabilised and advance tested for 50+ year life expectancy. Strong, solid, eco-friendly and highly durable for a wide range of general fencing, farming, hort, marine, equine and landscaping use. Ideal under irrigation lines, around waterways and wet hygiene areas where they do not rot. Impenetrable by moisture / frost / insects / fungi. Non-conductive so no insulators required for electric fencing. Squares and rounds available, competitive pricing.

Please contact us for info and orders.


Based in the Waikato, our goal is to assist and support farmers in improving the health of their animals in a gentle, safe, effective, and environmentally-friendly manner.

To achieve this, our team has developed a range of BioGro-certified* organic products for farm animals and have delivered seminars, discussions, and introductory talks to farmers all over the country about homeopathy.

We provides farmers with a knowledgeable and friendly helpdesk and telephone support service.

Dairy farmers and a significant number of sheep and beef producers use homeopathy (exclusively or along with veterinary medicine) due to the success they have experienced using homeopathy to improve and maintain the health of their animals and the productivity of their farms.


The organics movement is growing and Osflo Fertiliser Ltd has been committed to providing a sustainable solution to organic growers and farmers since 2006. Osflo is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fertilisers that is BioGro certified and Fertmark registered.

Its unique blend of essential elements and nutrients, combined with organic matter is proven to improve soil fertility and sustain and increase plant growth.

  • Naturally balanced with a rich supply of all essential elements to promote and sustain healthy plant growth
  • A sustainable fertiliser with high levels of organic matter to sustain and improve the soil’s physical, chemical and biological health
  • Part of the nutrient in Osflo is immediately available therefore fast acting. The remaining nutrient is released slowly, giving sustained activity, which is beneficial to the plant and the environment
  • Regular use of Osflo provides an excellent environment for earthworms and encourages a desirable soil environment for micro-organisms. Increased soil biological activity improves nutrient utilization and helps plants establish deeper rooting systems.


Biostart has been quietly getting on with solving productivity issues and improving sustainability through harnessing naturally occurring microbes for the last 28 years. We believe the key to productivity lies in keeping soil, plants and animals in optimal health. This, along with an early dedication to sustainability followed with extensive trialing, now puts Biostart in the position of being able to provide primary industry with reliable and sustainable products that both improve productivity and help protect our environment at this time of crucial change. 


Organic Certification New Zealand

New Zealand’s leading organic certifier since 1983, with the nations largest database of organic farmers, organic producers and organic manufacturers from here and across the Pacific. BioGro has been at the forefront of the organics movement, as we aim to simplify organic certification through innovation allowing producers to display NZ’s most trusted organic logo, giving consumers trust in the mark of a genuine organic product. We provide a service to over 830 certified organic producers, with a team of organic experts that are committed to assisting your business on gaining organic certification through our stringent organic standards.


We specialise in bringing top soil fertility to all and any farmers and growers, New Zealand-wide. It is our aim to change the face of New Zealand agriculture which requires huge improvements.

We exist because some of the fertiliser companies have failed to deliver real fertility to farmers, who demand and deserve better treatment. Soil fertility is not about selling products the fertiliser companies produce. It is about meeting the exact requirements tailor made for each property, or parts of properties.

We make recommendations from soil tests sent to USA. The results we get are outstanding.


Here at Farmlands, we can assist you with your rural supplies such as fencing and hardware, and we can also help with organic crop protection and nutrition inputs.

Farmlands is Biogro certified to retail organic products and we have even certified a few of our own! We have a field team of Technical Field Officers who can meet with you on your farm, to better understand your business, and advise you on how we can add value to your operation.

We’re here to help, and we look forward to hearing from you.


The biological solution for all your soil and animal health needs

Southern Humates offers you the very best in soil and animal health for your farm. Using nutrient-rich humate from a unique humate stream in Southland, Southern Humates have consistently high levels of humic acid in its products. Southern Humates is backed by scientific research, has been independently tested and is certified for organic input.

Humic acids are essential to life on earth and when they become depleted through modern farming practices, soil problems develop resulting in poor performance of plants and stock. Southern Humates stimulate microbial activity within the soil, which increases bacteria and fungi levels, leading to improved plant quality, better yields and greater productivity.

Not only do Humic acids benefit the soil, but they are also equally important in boosting stock health. The humic acid in our humate along with the high levels of carbon aid an animals ability detox when facing a disease challenge. The carbon in humates absorb any toxins your animals may encountering and cause them to be discharged via the digestive tract. Particularly in the situation of calf rearing, farmers are finding that by having humates available as a loose lick, prevention is better than the cure.


Biosea is a range of innovative biological inputs designed to support growers with their requirements in agriculture and horticulture. Our Biogro number is 202 which should give some indication of how long we have been involved in organic farming in New Zealand.

For the past 30 years we have been involved with 3 of NZ’s largest fishing companies. Our work has centered around liquid fertilisers using fish proteins, seaweed and omega 3 fish oils. We also have unique access to fish meal and mussel meal in solid form.

In addition to fertilisers, animal health has always been a focus. Working closely with farmers over time we have designed a number of animal health products including Biosea Animal Tonic and Biosea Dairy Oil.

Our Biological Solutions Contego range incorporates the use of beneficial fungi and bacteria for plant health and nutrition and pest and disease management. We specialise in mixing the required biologicals with the liquid fertilisers to create a one-pass product for easy application. The Contego range can be supplied separately in powder form to apply where and when necessary. It can be sprayed or used as a wet or dry mix for seed treatment. Each order can be tailored to the growers requirements. 

If you want to improve your soil biology and further develop your organic farming practices then we can help you.


“Biological/Regenerative Farming Systems coaching, with a focus on the most cost efficient and practical way to connect plants to soil to achieve the ultimate animal/human performance.

I have over 15 years’ experience transitioning farms into regenerative organic status whether pastural or cropping.

Providing a defined easy to follow pathway using a simple prescriptive approach.

My vision is of a 4-piece Jigsaw joining Minerals, Biology, Plants and Management into one functional unit.”

Greg Barclay

There are many sources of information on why you should farm to enhance our environment, to build soil carbon, protect our water supply, produce better quality food, gain better profitability etc.

But what about how we can do these things?

Soil Connection is the HOW to do these, in a practical way, and not just one or two of them, but all of them.


Proudly 100% New Zealand owned and operated Nitrosol – A complete balanced one-step liquid biological fertiliser.

Established in 1975, Nitrosol strives to supply ‘the best fertiliser on earth’ to the New Zealand and international market. Since the early 90’s the Company has increased its productivity and commenced to export Nitrosol around the world.

Recently we have witnessed a paradigm shift in the mindset of many farmers and growers towards taking greater care of their soil biology in the knowledge that it will also contribute to their improved profitability. Nitrosol is instrumental in helping to improve soil biology whilst growing healthier plants to provide more nutritious food products for animals and humans, as the case may be. Nitrosol improves soil structure and soil health, resulting in strong healthy plant growth and healthier grazing animals.

We are in the business of creating fertile growing mediums and increasing productivity, performance, and profit for our customers. Nitrosol will be a global influence in sustainable soil husbandry, caring for and enhancing the environment and the quality of our soils, plants, and people. We grow our customers natural capital, the land by increasing the biological life and sustainability of the soil. This grows productivity, performance and profit for our people, our shareholders, and our communities.


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