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19-year old male with experience seeking farm work. Keen to work in Regenerative Agriculture and Organic Farming sector.

Just finishing two years training at Taratahi so has all the basic farming experience including a couple of dogs. Recommended by Greg Hart. If you have a position or know of anyone who might please email Greg at the supplied email address and he will forward his CV and references.

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Hardworking Canadian Permaculture Student looking for organic farming experience from January to March 2019. Has gained experience on an intensive organic vegetable farm.

Kia ora! My name is Laurence, I am from Québec, Canada and will be visiting New Zealand for a few months from January to June 2019. I will be interning at the Eco School near Whanganui to earn my Permaculture development certificate, from mid-march to mid-may. I am therefore looking for a job or permaculture/organic famring experience on a farm from January to March!

Past and current relevant experiences :
– I am currently studying in environmental sciences and conservation aswell as indigenous studies in Québec City
– I have worked on an intensive organic vegetable farm in Kamouraska (Canada) for one season, working the soil, planting and harvesting, planning the garden and working a little with animals.
– I was part of a producers’ cooperative in Kamouraska, providing organic vegetables for local markets and small businesses.

I am looking to learn more about organic (or ecological) farming and permaculture, in order to prepare for the PDC internship. I would love to learn about ecological alternative building, landscaping, organic farming and more.

I am used to working long days and am ready to give a lot of help and loving to your projects!! Also, I am used to community living, with kids aswell, and am very helpful. I consider myself to be easy to get along with!

Please contact me if you need help or know of someone who might be looking!

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