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Name: Juan Manuel Agüero
NZ Residency Status: Work Visa

Type of Work Sought:

Agricultural engineer, Argentinian, 28 years old.
Available to work since November 15.
Beginning of visa 05 of August.
International driver’s license.
Currently working in Hororata. Dairy farm. Rotary 2000 cows. Motorcycle and tractor driving. Detection of mastitis.

Knowing the organic production systems of agriculture or livestock in NZ is the reason that moved me to this country.

Relevant Experience:

I have had different participations and visits to different organic production systems in Argentina and Latin America.

This year I did an internship at the National Institute of Agricultural Technology with an interdisciplinary group about research and extension in Agroecology, Environment and Production Systems Where we work with technicians and horticultural and livestock producers.
This resulted in my presentation as a scholarship to the National Council of Scientific and Technical Research, widely recognized worldwide, on topics related to the subject.

My family lives in a family farm, where I have always worked with animals and agricultural implements. I also have experience working in conventional extensive crops in large producers and companies.

I have worked and volunteered in many fields and areas of the field in addition to having traveled and related to a great diversity of people. These experiences have given me a great capacity for adaptation, flexibility and communication.

Please contact me so that I can send you CV and references.

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Name: Victoria Daghero


NZ Residency Status: Work Visa

Available for work from the end of October 2019

26 years old Argentinian Veterinarian, working in New Zealand since August.

I have been working on dairy farms, herringbone on the West Coast; and rotary in Darfield, where I am still working until the last days of October. I would love to work/ get to know some organic farms in New Zealand, to improve my knowledge in how organics works in your beautiful and organized country. If necessary I can provide my CV with all my experience working in Argentina, and phone numbers of my employeers in New Zealand. For further questions please contact me via e-mail.

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Name: Martin Buitrago


NZ Residency Status: Work Visa

Type of Work Sought: Young agronomist graduated in the agronomy faculty of Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am very interested in knowing the New Zealand animal production system, for which I obtained the working visa. I would like to know more about organic animal production. I stay in New Zealand from June to December 2019, since next year I will do a specialization in holistic management.

Relevant Experience:
My experience in dairy farms began at the beginning of this year. I started to be a nutritionist’s assistant, with whom we made observations about the pastures, supplements, and general condition of the cows and then give recommendations. We travel more than 20 dairy farms throughout Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, and Cordoba, all Argentine provinces. I was lucky enough to be able to know different problems in each of them, such as poor grass management, problems with personnel, etc. I was able to meet and work in dairy farms of various sizes, from 200 to 5000 cows in milking.

I also had a job on a farm, it was in Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. The name of the establishment is “Estancia Viamonte”, and belongs to the company Bridge & Reynolds. I worked there for 3 months. Perform daily activities such as arrangement of fences, handling of the tractor, rodeos of cows and sheep, marking of the animals. 40000 sheep and 1000 cows

I also worked in a bovine breeding facility, where I do mostly animal handling work. This was in Ayacucho, province of Buenos Aires. I was there for a month. 2000 cows

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Name: Jak Venter


NZ Residency Status: Permanent Resident

Type of Work Sought: Looking for any part time/contract work with any type of livestock, vegetable/grain/seed/fruit, operation/maintenance/repair of any type of farm machinery including tractors, all implements, all types of irrigation systems. Design, installation of cost effective fertigation systems for those wanting to use organic liquid or soluble plant nutrition or similar for garden to centre pivot application. Planning of nutrient and crop protection programs and application. Develop tailored scouting for any crops to suit your needs. Assist with navigation and implementation of any market compliance or certification. Assist with drawing up policies and procedures for your business especially if you employ staff. Assist with transition or optimisation of no-till cropping.

Relevant Experience: Currently enrolled in a holistic management course with the aim of becoming an educator and facilitator of regenerative practices. 17 years experience at senior management level, in horticulture and arable, including summer cut flowers, cut roses, table grapes, soya bean, wheat, barley, broccoli, mesculun, lettuce, oats cover crops, oat/pea silage, fodder beet.

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Name: Tane Webster


NZ Residency Status: Citizen

Type of Work Sought: One-off jobs or fixed-term jobs. I would like to gain experience in all areas of farming.

Relevant Experience: I do not have any experience working on organic farms but I am currently studying Organic Farming at Lincoln University and also studying Beekeeping through Land Based Training.

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Name: Kaori Yoshida


NZ Residency Status: Work Visa

Type of Work Sought: Hi, my name is Kaori, I am from Japan originally. I have studied Biodynamics at Taruna collage in Hastings in 2013 also breeding dung beetles since then. My ongoing passion is to improve soil health to create high diversity ecosystems to grow nutrient dense food for animals and local people. I live on a biodynamic farm in North of Auckland since 8 years and have been exposed to holistic livestock/plant management, and all aspects of community lifestyle.
I am always willing to learn and upskill, am calm and patient, pay attention to details, have an excellent management skill and self-motivated. I am a small person but I am a very hard worker! I am looking for a job in regenerative-approach-agricultural field to work with other people to learn more.

Relevant Experience: I have experiences in all aspects of non-conventional farming with milking cows, beef, sheep, chickens, making compost/fertilizer, breeding dung beetles, growing vegetables, fruit trees and enhancing soil life, all with low input. I am good at working either individually or in a team. I will be happy to go anywhere in NZ for interview.
Looking forward to the new beginning. Thank you!

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Young Swiss Family with farming experience looking for farm work for between 3 and 8 months

We are a young swiss farmer family with two daughters. We have been looking for a long time for a farm in Switzerland to manage. Because this is not so easy, we decided to travel to New Zealand in January 2020 for about 3-8 months to get some work experience in NZ farming. We also want to check out if it´s an option for us to farm in New Zealand.
So we are looking for a job on a farm or different farms to get some experience, maybe in different regions of NZ. I (Andrin) want to work full time. Rahel (my partner) wants to work something about 20%, because she has to care for our girls. Some work around the house is maybe always possible.
We both grew up on a farm and know the life on a farm and worked on different farms in Switzerland. After a non-agriculture education, we both absolved an agricultural education.
Our work experiences and skills:

Andrin: -Diplomated carpenter with work experience / LogHome constructor education and work experience / Forestry worker education and work experience -Diplomated farmer with work experience (milking cows and sheep/ cropping/ cattle mast/ contracting/ vegetables/ riding skills) / Farm manager education -Swiss hunting license and experiences / -Int. driving license

Rahel: -Bachelor of science in midwifery and work experience -Farming education for women and work experience (milking cows and sheep/ vegetable and fruit picking/ product progressing/ household manager/ riding skills) / -Int. driving license

We will be happy to hear from you if you are interested in our skills and can provide a job for us.

Names:    Andrin and Rahel


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Two Backpackers from Germany with NZ Work Visas interested in finding work together on an Organic Farm.

Trained as a Nurse and a Graphic Designer, but with experience in picking and packing and willing to learn new skills.

Motivated and work well in teams.

Friendly and hardworking.

Please contact Elena for more information:

Names: Elena Lugert & Charlotte Mueller


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Motivated & Hardworking Farm Worker with 3 years of experience on Organic Farms in Burgundy seeking a job in Organic Farming in the Ashburton area.

Previous work with on-farm support on livestock farms.

French citizen with work visa, arriving shortly in New Zealand for at stay of at least 3 years.

Please contact Philippe for his CV:

Name: Philippe Marine

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Hardworking Canadian Permaculture Student looking for organic farming experience from January to March 2019. Has gained experience on an intensive organic vegetable farm.

Kia ora! My name is Laurence, I am from Québec, Canada and will be visiting New Zealand for a few months from January to June 2019. I will be interning at the Eco School near Whanganui to earn my Permaculture development certificate, from mid-march to mid-may. I am therefore looking for a job or permaculture/organic famring experience on a farm from January to March!

Past and current relevant experiences :
– I am currently studying in environmental sciences and conservation aswell as indigenous studies in Québec City
– I have worked on an intensive organic vegetable farm in Kamouraska (Canada) for one season, working the soil, planting and harvesting, planning the garden and working a little with animals.
– I was part of a producers’ cooperative in Kamouraska, providing organic vegetables for local markets and small businesses.

I am looking to learn more about organic (or ecological) farming and permaculture, in order to prepare for the PDC internship. I would love to learn about ecological alternative building, landscaping, organic farming and more.

I am used to working long days and am ready to give a lot of help and loving to your projects!! Also, I am used to community living, with kids aswell, and am very helpful. I consider myself to be easy to get along with!

Please contact me if you need help or know of someone who might be looking!

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