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NZ Residency Status:  Citizen

Type of Work Sought: Milking and Care for Sheep and Goats. Help around the farm as needed.

Relevant Experience: I love being around sheep and goats. 20 years ago I was introduced to goat milking on a tiny farm in the U.S. where I volunteered for a few months. Ten years ago rescued an abandoned newborn ewe. With the help of a local farmer nursed her to health. When she was fit to be adopted, found her a suitable home. Five years ago was involved for a short time with the rescue of a baby goat born in the wild. She was quite unwell so place her with an animal rescue team in my area. Result was the baby goat survived and was appropriately re-homed. Willing and able to relocate anywhere in NZ for the right situation.



Florian has a job lined up for the coming season, but is looking for ongoing work afterwards.

Type of Work Sought:  Farmhand/Farm Assistant on Organic Farm

My name is Florian and I am a German Farmer. I came to NZ last year with my Kiwi wife and 3 Children. Back in Germany we ran our own Organic Lifestyle Block with Beef, Dairy Sheep, Chickens and our Border Collies. We also grew different types of Grain and Potatoes and also made our own Hay and Silage.

I would love to get back into Organic Farming but finding it a bit hard in NZ at the moment. I have been working the last year as a Farm Assistant out Te Awamutu way for the last year on a Dariy Farm and now I am looking for a new Job and if the opportunity comes up would really love it if I/we could find an Organic farm to work on. So I wondering if you would maybe might be looking for a Farmhand/Farm Assistant to help out on the farm or if not maybe you know of another Organic Farm who is looking for a good hard working German Farmer. We would need accommodation with the job as 2 of our children still live with us, aged 12 and 16, and pets would have to be considered as we have a dog (bordercollie/red heeler) 2 indian runner ducks and a turtle.

Thankyou for your time
Regards Florian and Family



NZ Residency Status:  Work Visa

Type of Work Sought:  A dairy or beef cattle farm anywhere in New Zealand.
I don’t have relevant qualifications in either areas of work, but I do have experience and a good head on my shoulders.

Relevant Experience:  My first experience of farming was three years ago in Tasmania where I worked on a dairy & beef family run farm, and assisted in the research development of various new cattle feeds that looked at how cows digest vitamins, oils etc and how to enhance the cows lives as well as the quality of milk through feed.
After my visa ended I took a break home and then got offered a role on a Station in the Waikato, where I am now. However as the season draws to a close I feel I would like to go back to a different way of farming.
Prior to moving to Australia I was in the sustainable building industry in North Wales and enjoyed helping our planet whilst improving peoples living arrangements.



NZ Residency Status:  Permanent Resident

Type of Work Sought:  Any within Northern Canterbury

Relevant Experience:  14 years biodynamic cattle, swine, hair sheep, poultry and hay making experience in the US.



WORK SOUGHT: Farm sitting, calf raising or short term temporary work.
Available from August 2020

Relevant Experience: I have a lifetime experience farming and have had my own organic block for 20 years. I have exensive knowledge in:
1.) Productive trees. This started with fruit and nut trees, but has extended to include fodder and shelter.
2.) Animal husbandry. I have bred and raised pigs, poultry, sheep and cows for years. Have hand milked house cows, raised calves on foster cows and milk and worked with a variety of heritage breeds. So generally done all the varied tasks that go with farming.
3.) Regenerative pasture. Have played with diversity, multi-level fodder, progessive and rotating pasture species, but still much more to learn!
I am 51, female, currently between properties so looking to have a bit of fun and learn something new and I come with a (well-trained poultry- and cat-friendly) Border Terrier dog.
Responsible, have common sense, and versatile.



I am a shepherd with a good range of skills. I want to study at Lincoln for Msc and so I am looking for accommodation on a farm/in a rural setting.

Happy to exchange rent for farm work OR pay rent and be there to help on farm as required.

I have a dog, which I intend to keep for mustering and dog trialling. I am hoping that there might be someone with a spare cottage who needs help on farm from time to time and this might suit them perfectly.


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