Here is a list of our approved suppliers. For more information please see each individual entry. If you wish to be included in this list, please contact us.

      • Agrissentials New Zealand Ltd.
      • True Health
      • Homeopathic Farm Support Ltd.
      • Soil FoodWeb
      • BD Max
      • Organic AG – Bill Quin
      • Agrisea New Zealand Ltd.
      • Productive Trees
      • BioSea Products
      • Roots, Shoots & Fruits Ltd.
      • Pacific Biofert
      • Speciality Seeds
      • Asure Quality
      • Graymont (NZ) Ltd.
      • Fertco Ltd.
      • Chaos Springs
      • Altum
      • SAFA Biological Seaplants Ltd.
      • Far North Envirolab Ltd.
      • Revital Fertilisers
      • Touchwood Books
      • Environmental Fertilisers Ltd.
      • Dalton Ltd.
      • Osflo Fertiliser Ltd.
      • BioGro





    Enquiries: 0800 843 539 or 07 552 4343

    Address:  122 Lochhead Road, RD 6, Tauranga

    Contact:   John Morris

    Agrissentials has been producing BioGro certified live, multi-mineral and microbial rich fertilisers since 1995.

    We have a system, whereby your plants get to use all the mineral purchased plus the added value of water stored within the organic matter, created by the micro-organisms for plant hydration – this is the natural system at its best! The more You increase the mineral content on Your farm, the more You increase the plant, animal and human immunity, ensuring health and vitality to all!

    Agrissentials produces liquid fish and seaweed mix Oceans100 and basalt rock dust mixed with fish and seaweed called RokSolid. Our latest addition to our innovative product range is seaweed based animal health tonic Seabrew.

    Agrissentials is also the supplier of Redmond Real Salt in New Zealand.




    Enquiries:  027 465 1906 or 06 874 7897

    Fax:   07 888 4869

    Address:   PO Box 8055, Havelock North, 4157 NZ

    Contact:   Phyllis Tichinin (CEO/Owner)

    Wondering how to deal with cow infections when certified organic? Looking for more ‘tools in the organic toolbox’? The True Health remedies come from Dr Paul Dettloff, senior consulting vet for the 1400 NOP certified dairies in the USA Organic Valley milk cooperative. Dr Paul has developed these plant based remedies over the last 35 years and they are now used on thousands of farms and by dozens of veterinary practices throughout the USA. The 17 True Health Ltd. products are BioGro certified and ideal for naturally and powerfully dealing to the major animal health and calving challenges.

    The remedies can boost natural animal immune response to help fight off infections and heal minor wounds and skin conditions. They may also be helpful with post calving problems, calf rumen health and hormonal balance in cows. They include: alcohol tinctures, or essential oil extracts, aloe based liquids, udder oils, and boluses. Above all, Dr Paul stresses the importance of good soil remineralisation so that high quality pasture nutrition supports cow growth, production and health. These medicinal plant remedies are a bridge to better animal production as we all strive for minerally balanced soils, high brix pastures, contented animals and a healthy environment.





    Enquiries:  07 858 4233

    Fax:   07 858 4234

    Address:   P O Box 9025, Hamilton

    For the past 10 years Homeopathic Farm Support has been helping farmers get established in homeopathic use on their farms. The fact that the original farmers that started with Homeopathic Farm Support 10 years ago are still the clients of Homeopathic Farm Support indicates that they are getting measurable results that work for their farm and animal healthcare needs.

    Homeopathic Farm Support is able to help you with the introduction to homeopathy to your farm. Homeopathic Farm Support offers an exceptional telephone service that is operated by qualified homoeopaths who specialise in homeopathy for the farm. This telephone service is favored by our farmers during calving season when things go crazy and they want reassurance of the appropriate homeopathic treatment they should be using, or by farmers who want quick advice on whatever is happening on their farm for the animals or for their own healthcare needs.


    soil foodweb



    Enquiries:  03 863 8556 / 027 290 7566

    Address:   12 Smith Street, Waihi, 3610

    Contact:   Cherryle Prew, Manager

    Promoting and assisting Biological Farming Production Systems.

    We are a facility that works with all sectors of the farming and horticultural industries in NZ by providing a soil biological assessment and advisory service. By examining farming soils for microbial diversity and activity we are able to assist farmers to make the right decisions when deciding on soil amendment programs.

    Our Mission: To lift the nutritional quality of our food and remove the risks to our environment by building healthy soil. We believe Healthy Soil = Healthy Plants = Healthy Animals = Healthy People. And importantly: it ensures a profitable industry for the farmers.

    BD Max – Glen Atkinson




    Is a company that supplies a variety of biodynamic products for Horticulture and Agriculture. We specialise is ‘finding solutions for problems’, and making your existing system work more efficiently.

    ORGANIC AG – Bill Quin



    OrganicAg can offer a range of support services including Extension Groups, Education programs, advocacy, management, and promotion.

    As well as these services, OrganicAg runs a series of monthly user-pays Pastoral Extension Group discussion group days, in five North Island regions.

    Bill Quin is the ultimate walking encyclopedia of organic information, belonging to his groups is the fast track to success.





    Enquiries: 07 862 8424 (0800 SEAWEED)

    Contact:   Jill Bradley

    AgriSea NZ Ltd. is a multi-award winning, second generation, family-owned and operated sustainable New Zealand company. They are the NZ seaweed specialists and dedicated to manufacturing quality, high nutrition products for soil, pasture and animal health. The company produces liquid seaweed concentrates for Soil, Foliar, Turf, Pasture and Animal Health and also seaweed salt licks, pellets for animal feed, and a seaweed solid slow-release nutrient product for the land.


    productive trees 4



    Enquiries: 06 342 9838

    Contact:   Mary and Dan

    At Productive Trees we are a family run business that specializes in growing quality bare-rooted deciduous trees for farm, life style blocks and gardens.  We propagate our trees from our own seed sources and graft other varieties from quality material.  Trees available for planting each year from 1 June – 10 September.  Orders welcome anytime.  Viewing by appointment.  Delivery available.  Farm tree packs starting from $140 +gst (10 trees)





    Enquiries:  0800 10 60 90

    Contact:   Tom Harris

    Tom Harris has over 25 years experience in organic grasslands agriculture and animal health. His focus is helping clients increase dairy production and animal health in the most cost effective way possible, thereby increasing farmers’ bottom line.

    Biosea Organic N+  Fertiliser

    A concentrated blend of fish protein, fish oil and seaweed. At 32 – 35% protein it is by far the highest available in NZ. Most are between 6 and 14%.

    To this is blended a range of  beneficial symbiotic bacteria and fungi (Mycorrhizae, Bacillus Subtilis, Nitrogen fixing P solubilising bacteria and Trichoderma)

    All of these are fermented to greatly increase soil and animal health and provide excellent clover and grass growth.

    Biosea can also ferment into Organic N+ bacteria and fungi specifically designed to control and kill grass grub, porina, clover root weevil and crickets.

    Free living Nitrogen bacteria can also be blended in to give a guaranteed supply of  biological nitrogen.

    Biosea  also produces a liquid seaweed which also beneficial bacteria blended into it.

    BioGro certified fishmeal is also available.
    Biosea Omega+ Conditioner

    Very effective dairy conditioner and spray when used by itself or in conjunction with tea tree oil or iodine.





    Enquiries:  09 372 9155

    Contact:  Molly Callaghan

    Roots Shoots & Fruits are an environmentally conscious company with innovative patented technology in microorganisms and fertilizers or plant nutrition, distributed nationally for all agricultural sectors.
    Highly effective products help growers enjoy bigger crop returns and produce food containing higher nutritional value for the betterment of human health and our environment.
    Biotechnology developments in agriculture are set to revolutionise all aspects of cropping worldwide.
    Beneficial fungi such as Trichoderma and Mycorrhizae as well as beneficial bacteria and Humic and Fulvic acids greatly increase soil health and crop health and in the long term our health, through increased mineral content of food. We are not here to promise greener grass but to provide real solutions and profitability for horticultural, viticulture and agricultural generally.


    Pac Bio



    Enquiries:  09 233 6491

    Contact:   Bill

    Pacific BioFert continues to supply the Moana range of Liquid fertiliser products based on Moana Natural. What could be more natural today than 100% biodegradable deep water fish from pollution free New Zealand water.

    Moana Natural is manufactured by a unique cold mulching process, which turns fish into a liquid that can be applied using conventional spray equipment. Moana Natural retains fish’s natural enzymes that are vital to grow bacteria and fungi which are essential for healthy soils and the exchange of nutrients between soil and plants.

    If you are one of the growing number of environmentally conscious farmers who wish to keep their property free of chemicals, or if you simply want to build more life, carbon and structure into your soil, Moana Natural is the product to use.





    Enquiries:  0274 354 055 or 0800 727 8873

    Address:   10 Centrum Lane, I Zone Industrial Park, Rolleston, 7614

    Postal address:   Specialty Seeds Ltd, PO Box 79118, Avonhead, Christchurch, 8446

    Specialty Seeds is a major seed supply company based in Christchurch. We supply all pasture, brassica, cereal and amenity cultivars to our many organic clients. We are used to shipping your needs to any place throughout New Zealand.

    We have been supporters of and suppliers to New Zealand’s organic farmer’s since our company formed. We understand the requirements of our organic clients and are always trying to source organically grown seeds for them.

    We pride ourselves on our knowledge, independent buying power and personal service and welcome any enquiry you may have.





    Technical Enquiries:  05 0800 1122

    Fax:   09 257 0601

    Contact:   Mike Smith, Organic Technical Manager

    AsureQuality is a commercial company 100% owned by the New Zealand government. We provide food safety and biosecurity services to the food and primary production sectors.

    Every day our team of 1700 experts, based at 140 locations throughout Australasia, work alongside customers like you in over 40 countries worldwide, to assure the safety and quality of food being produced for millions of people.

    GRAYMONT (NZ) Ltd.



    Enquiries:  07 850 3540

    Address:   498 Old Te Kuiti Road, RD6, Otorohanga

    Contact:   Mike Smith, Organic Technical Manager

    Manufacturers of burnt lime, hydrated lime, agricultural lime and all grades of limestone chip.

    FERTCO Ltd.



    Enquiries:  029 860 8000 / 07 574 6960

    Factory Address:  119 Aviation Ave, Mount Maunganui

    Office Address:   20A Jean Batten Drive, Mount Maunganui

    Contact:   Rob Williams

    Fertco‘s factory and head office are located in Mount Maunganui in the Bay of Plenty, servicing the greater North Island

    Fertco Organic’s aim is to try and simplify the buying process of Organic fertilisers by offering advice, sourcing, and blending.





    Enquiries:  07 863 7975

    Address:    131 Deam Road, Waihi

    Chaos Springs is New Zealand’s leading source for Compost. We make compost we sell compost and composting equipment and consult on composting operations of all sizes. We also run classes in composting making and including liquid compost extracts and teas. We manufacture two liquid compost systems; The Cyclone Multitask Sprayer. And Dynamic Mixers Compost Tea Brewer.

    In addition we operate a 200 acre mixed cropping farm raising animals, vegetables and fruits. Classes are offered on a wide range of farming and gardening topics. See our website for more information




    Enquiries:  0800 784 674

    Address:  161 Hewletts Road, Mount Maunganui

    As a leading fertiliser and animal nutrition company, Altum is dedicated to a philosophy of complete nutrient management. We provide expert advice tailored to meet the unique needs of each farm, and we complement this with a range of products and services designed to maximise productivity, profitability, and environmental care.





    Address:   P O Box 2349, Stoke, Nelson

    Contact:   David Leonard

    SAFA Biological Ltd is an expanding company based in the sunny city of Nelson, New Zealand. We specialise in high quality seaweed and biological products that are delivering results throughout the country; whether in soil management, animal health, viticulture or intense horticulture.

    Our unique selling point is our belief in providing quality soluble powders to the rural sector as a direct challenge to the liquid products currently being purchased and shipped throughout New Zealand. As a result we are able to slash HUGE costs from our business and pass on HUGE savings to end users. Does it really make sense to pay for and ship large containers around the country when 90% of what you are buying is WATER?


    Far North Enviro

    Phone:     09 406 1975

    Address:  49 Taipa Heights Drive, Taipa 0420

    Contact:   Andreas Kurmann

    Customer laboratory services
    Welcome to Far North Envirolab Ltd.
    We offer premium analysis services for the following sectors

    • Drinking water
    • Soil / Agriculture
    • Olive / Avocado oil
    • Waste water and recreational water
    • Food
    • Consulting and project work
    • National Environmental Standard (NES) for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil to Protect Human Health





    TAURANGA   Maureen Rabbidge   0274 408 881

    TARANAKI   Mark O’Neill    027 555 7364

    Revital Fertilisers supply a range of organic fertilisers to both the agricultural and horticultural sectors. Their core business is producing greenwaste based compost and also vermicast. These products can then be screened and spread as they are, or blended with any additives to meet the requirements of the customer.





    Phone:     06 368 5508

    Address:  PO Box 353 | Levin 5540 | New Zealand

    Mail order and direct sale of agricultural books. A huge range of books on organic and sustainable farming systems. New Zealand owned and operated online and mail order business specialising in new, second-hand and rare books covering gardening, horticulture, farming, landscape design and more; in fact we are undoubtedly New Zealand’s largest stockist of books on anything that grows! Touchwood was established in 1987 and is continuing to provide customers with the very best selection of gardening, horticultural, farming and lifestyle titles as well as great advice and customer service.

    We will source hard to find or out-of-print books from anywhere in the world and regularly ship books globally.




    Phone:     07 867-6737

    Address:  1 Railway Street | PO Box 204 | Paeroa 3640

    Environmental Fertilisers supplies a range of soil-friendly solid fertilisers for bulk spreading (eg, Soil Force, NanoCal, BioRocket). Our recommendations are based on Reams plant availability and CEC/Base Saturation (nutrient reserves) soil tests as well as foliar analyses. Liquid sprayable products (eg Humus Builder, Vegetative) are supplied to complement solid fertiliser applications. We avoid ingredients harmful to soil biology, soil structure or humus levels. Our programmes are designed to rebuild soil biology and natural N cycling so that your soil works for you, growing humus, structure, water holding capacity and mineral rich foliage. We also supply highly effective stock supplements(eg Stock Primer).

    DALTON Ltd.




    Phone:     0800 808 150

    Address:  PO Box 397 | Matamata | 3440

    Contact:   Graham Saltiel

    Catering for all gardening and landscaping requirements. A wide range of products with delivery available for bulk loads.




    Phone:     0800 467 356

    Address:  PO Box 761 | Taranaki Mail Centre | New Plymouth | 4340

    Osflo Organic Fertiliser has been a certified organic input since 2006.Osflo is a chicken based fertiliser that is also Fertmark Registered.

    Fertmark is the fertiliser industry independent mark of quality assurance that is your guarantee that the nutrient ratings are as advertised.

    Osflo Organic encourages desirable soil micro-organisms and will supply a rich balanced supply of nutrients that will sustain a healthy soil in the Organic Production System.

    We are able to offer a full range of certified product additives to make an organic mix to your individual requirements.





    Phone:     04 801 9741

    Address:  PO Box 9693 | Marion Square | Wellington | 6141

    BioGro is New Zealand’s largest and best-known certifier for organic produce and products. We certify and accredit over 600 producers, farmers and manufacturers across New Zealand and the Pacific.

    Since 1 October 2016 BioGro is owned by the Soil & Health Association. The Soil & Health Association is the largest membership organisation supporting organic food and farming in New Zealand and one of the oldest organic organisations in the world, established in 1941.

    The BioGro logo is the most recognised organic logo in New Zealand. BioGro certified producers carry the BioGro logo on their products to assure their customers that the organic produce they buy is genuine.

    The BioGro logo guarantees that a product is made without animal testing, genetic modification and the routine use of synthetic pesticides. It is the mark of a genuine organic product.

    BioGro certification is internationally recognised and accredited. This means with BioGro certification, New Zealand producers can access international markets and tap into the growing consumer demand for organic produce. BioGro assists producers to meet international organic regulations in key export markets including Europe, Canada, the US and parts of Asia.