Here is a list of our approved suppliers who support ODPG. For more information please see each individual entry. If you wish to be included in this list, please contact us.

      • True Health
      • Revital Fertilisers
      • Organic Farm Systems Ltd.
      • Agrisea New Zealand Ltd.
      • Chaos Springs
      • Farmlands
      • Abron Ltd.
      • Integrity Soils
      • Specialty Seeds
      • Pinnacle Ag NZ




  • Wondering how to deal with cow infections when certified organic? Looking for more ‘tools in the organic toolbox’? The True Health remedies come from Dr Paul Dettloff, senior consulting vet for the 1400 NOP certified dairies in the USA Organic Valley milk cooperative. Dr Paul has developed these plant based remedies over the last 35 years and they are now used on thousands of farms and by dozens of veterinary practices throughout the USA. The 17 True Health Ltd. products are BioGro certified and ideal for naturally and powerfully dealing to the major animal health and calving challenges.The remedies can boost natural animal immune response to help fight off infections and heal minor wounds and skin conditions. They may also be helpful with post calving problems, calf rumen health and hormonal balance in cows. They include: alcohol tinctures, or essential oil extracts, aloe based liquids, udder oils, and boluses. Above all, Dr Paul stresses the importance of good soil remineralisation so that high quality pasture nutrition supports cow growth, production and health. These medicinal plant remedies are a bridge to better animal production as we all strive for minerally balanced soils, high brix pastures, contented animals and a healthy environment.






    WAIKATO/RANGITIKEI  Maureen Rabbidge   027 440 8881

    TARANAKI   Mark O’Neill    027 555 7364

    Revital Fertilisers supply a range of organic fertilisers to both the agricultural and horticultural sectors. Their core business is producing greenwaste based compost and also vermicast. These products can then be screened and spread as they are, or blended with any additives to meet the requirements of the customer.


Commercial Suppliers


OFS Logo



Enquiries:  020 4136 0286

Contact:   Glenn Mead (CEO/Owner)


I offer on-farm assessments, meetings, advice and reports for:

  • Organic Certification – understanding the basics
  • Organic management plans and paperwork for those considering conversion to certified organic farming.
  • Assistance with organic audits preparations.
  • Transition planning from Substitution Organics to Regenerative Holistic Management
  • Regenerative and Sustainable farming management
  • Holistic management and alternate farming opportunities
  • Trial and research work – establishment and research reviews





Enquiries: 07 862 8424 / 0800 SEAWEED

Contact:   Clare Bradley

AgriSea NZ Ltd. is a multi-award winning, second generation, family-owned and operated sustainable New Zealand company. They are the NZ seaweed specialists and dedicated to manufacturing quality, high nutrition products for soil, pasture and animal health. The company produces liquid seaweed concentrates for Soil, Foliar, Turf, Pasture and Animal Health and also seaweed salt licks, pellets for animal feed, and a seaweed solid slow-release nutrient product for the land.





Enquiries:  07 863 7975

Address:    131 Deam Road, Waihi

Chaos Springs is New Zealand’s leading source for Compost. We make compost we sell compost and composting equipment and consult on composting operations of all sizes. We also run classes in composting making and including liquid compost extracts and teas. We manufacture two liquid compost systems; The Cyclone Multitask Sprayer. And Dynamic Mixers Compost Tea Brewer.

In addition we operate a 200 acre mixed cropping farm raising animals, vegetables and fruits. Classes are offered on a wide range of farming and gardening topics. See our website for more information





Enquiries:  027 511 8097

Contact:   Gaz Ingram | Organic and Biological Manager

Address:   Branches and Field team available nationwide.

Here at Farmlands, we can assist you with your rural supplies such as fencing and hardware, and we can also help with organic crop protection and nutrition inputs.

Farmlands is Biogro certified to retail organic products and we have even certified a few of our own! We have a field team of Technical Field Officers who can meet with you on your farm, to better understand your business, and advise you on how we can add value to your operation.

The organic initiative is overseen by Gaz Ingram, who is the Farmlands Organic and Biological Manager. Gaz works across multiple crop type and growing operations focused into organic production.

We’re here to help, and we look forward to hearing from you.


Abron Ltd.jpg



Enquiries:  027 470 5395

Contact:     Russell Snodgrass | Soil Consultant

“Yes we’re a fertiliser company, but that’s not what gets us up in the morning. We see our real job as getting your soil and pasture in the best health it’s ever been.”

Our approach is far better for the environment. And when you want to take care of your asset, meet the inevitable future demands of a much more health conscious consumer market, and stay ahead of tightening environmental regulations, that’s important. But it’s also better for your bottom line – healthier soil, pasture and animals, meaning healthier financial returns.

Ask us to show and prove it – “we can”


Intergrity Soils



Enquiries:  078 287 742

When you are ill, you go to a doctor. Like your body, your farm is a complex ecosystem that needs regular expert attention and “checkups.”

While agriculture suppliers are usually helpful and can be a good source of information, their focus is on the products they offer and make money from.

At Integrity Soils our team of consultants specialises in biological farming systems and their management. For over 15 years, we have been helping, teaching and inspiring farmers, ranchers and the organisations that support and supply them.






Enquiries:  0274 354 055 or 0800 727 8873

Address:   10 Centrum Lane, I Zone Industrial Park, Rolleston, 7675

Postal address:   Specialty Seeds Ltd, PO Box 79-118, Avonhead, Christchurch, 8446

Specialty Seeds is a major seed supply company based in Christchurch. We supply all pasture, brassica, cereal and amenity cultivars to our many organic clients. We are used to shipping your needs to any place throughout New Zealand.

We have been supporters of and suppliers to New Zealand’s organic farmer’s since our company formed. We understand the requirements of our organic clients and are always trying to source organically grown seeds for them.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge, independent buying power and personal service and welcome any enquiry you may have.






Enquiries:  021 933 018


Launched in February 2017, PinnacleAg is a 100 per cent New Zealand owned company operating in the live export business across the North and South Islands. Providing end to end supply chain management, PinnacleAg are experts in the procurement of cattle, grazing and quarantine, shipping and live export logistic processes, herd health, and fulfilment of foreign buyer requirements.

Our committed network of PinnacleAg staff provide our clients with the very best service when it comes to international livestock supply and domestic grazing. The health and well-being of our clients’ stock is of the utmost importance. Whether that is to reduce stress, increase weight gain or improve fertility; the ultimate goal is to improve the quality of meat, milk or wool produced.



  • Homeopathic Farm Support Ltd.
  • Soil FoodWeb
  • BD Max
  • Organic AG – Bill Quin
  • Productive Trees
  • BioSea Products
  • Roots, Shoots & Fruits Ltd.
  • Pacific Biofert
  • Asure Quality
  • Graymont (NZ) Ltd.
  • Fertco Ltd.
  • Bio Solutions
  • Far North Envirolab Ltd.
  • Touchwood Books
  • Environmental Fertilisers Ltd.
  • Dalton Ltd.
  • Osflo Fertiliser Ltd.
  • BioGro