Dietary Diversity, Happiness and Health

The considerable health benefits of offering grazing animals a diverse diet and allowing them to browse for the plants they favour is the ongoing focus of a Lincoln University research team guided by Professor Pablo Gregorini.

People who pay for meat, and would pay more, want to know the animals have a life worth living. These students are putting in a lot of hard work to help provide farmers with nutritional and grazing management tools to enhance their livestock’s good lives as much as possible.

Pablo Gregorini | Te Awamutu Courier

The researchers have been investigating how choice leads to wellbeing and happiness in ruminants, which in turn makes them healthier and more productive. And that means we benefit too…

As Lincoln Ph.D student, Konagh Garrett put it:

We are as healthy as what we eat, eats.

Changemaker | Sarah’s Country

The research paper ‘How Dietary Diversity Enhances Hedonic and Eudaimonic Well-Being in Grazing Ruminants’ by Ph.D student Matthew Beck, makes for interesting reading. You can read the full paper here.

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