Farmers Questioning the Mycoplasma Bovis Slaughter

Angry farmers are locking the gates of farms, which have tested negative for Mycoplasma Bovis, to stop the slaughter of their cows by order of the MPI.

We have footage from a TV3 feature on Arno Luten’s campaign to save 250 of his precious herd, many of them in calf. The reason for the slaughter being the presence of M.Bovis antibodies, meaning that the cows have successfully fought off the disease at some point, which only takes hold in cows with poor immune system and improper nutrition. Luten’s farm has tested negative for M.Bovis, as have many other MPI-targeted farms.

MPI Communications rang TV3 two hours after this segment was aired and demanded that the clip be removed from the station’s website. TV3 complied.

At present, the blockade is still in place. An injunction is being filed.  Dissemination of this information and support for the farmer is needed.

Cover Photo Credit: Kat Jayne (

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