Hamish Bielski: ODPG Conference Presentation

Hamish Bielski shares his own fascinating farming experiences in his presentation ‘The Importance of Regeneratively-Managed Livestock to our Planet.’ This is a must-see to understand how animals greatly improve soil health if they, and the land, are managed regeneratively.

If you were unable to attend our two-day conference ‘The Regenerative Soil Solution’ in March at Lincoln University and hear all the knowledgeable speakers, we are releasing all the videos for which we have permission, along with the presentation slides where possible, every Friday over the next few months.

For those of you who did attend, it’s a great chance for a recap!

Many thanks to Sylvia Smyth from Quorum Sense (a regenerative group that many of the conference farming speakers are members of), who kindly filmed the presentations over the weekend. And thank you to Quorum Sense for their conference support.

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