Healthy New Year to You

2020 was a year that nobody could have predicted; the year the world as we knew it fell apart. New Zealand was able to return to something that resembled normality, but the rest of the world faces a dark start to 2021, with many countries heading into strict lockdowns once more as the new virus variant explodes the number of cases.

2020 was the year that New Zealand farmers took on the significant challenge Covid-19 presented, and adapted quickly and confidently to the new restrictions, growing and processing fresh, local produce at full capacity.

This strong industry response has helped to mitigate some of the negative impacts of the virus and has played a key role in lifting farmer confidence from the near-record low we saw in March.

Todd Charteris, Rabobank Chief Executive, NZ

While farmer confidence has lifted since March when the virus first appeared on our shores, it is still lower than it should be. While we are weathering the storm economically, the pressures that Covid-19 put on the farming industry came on top of all the existing difficulties of the job; long and unpredictable hours, an uncertain market and uncontrollable weather conditions. On many, it has taken its toll.

Farmstrong is an organisation set up by the Mental Health Foundation and FMG specifically to help farmers.

When you look after yourself you’re looking after your farm too. Farming is a job with a unique set of challenges – many are hard to predict or control.

These challenges and pressures aren’t going to disappear. That’s why developing habits that help you perform at your best are so important.

That’s where Farmstrong comes in. We share farmer-to-farmer tips, supported and informed by wellbeing science. These will help you increase your wellbeing so you can cope better with the ups and downs of farming.


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