Introducing the New ODPG Committee

We’re delighted to announce the new ODPG Committee for 2023/4, which has now been finalised. With four new committee members and all-new office-holders, we’re looking forward to coming up with ideas and initiatives to keep the ODPG moving in the right direction. You can read all about them below in their introductions and find their contact details on our committee website page.

We’d also like to take the opportunity to thank the outgoing committee members who contributed a lot of time and effort to steering the ODPG through the last four years. A big thank you to Janette Perrett, Rachel Short, Fiona Ellmers and Callum Lane.

And a big welcome to…



My Wife Sandie and I, with our 6 children, are Equity Managers on our Certified Organic Dairy Farm Near Te Awamutu. We are in our 2nd Season Fully Certified. We have been Members of ODPG for 5 years and are looking forward to being part of the new team that takes ODPG forward this year.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or ideas.

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I’ve been a Dairy farmer my whole life, my passion is looking after the livestock and the soil. We were certified Organic back in 2006, in 2015 we were pushed out of the system because we weren’t landowners. My principles remain the same and will never go back to conventional farming. My favourite pastime is gardening and being as self-sufficient as possible.

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I am currently farming on the farm where I grew up and I am the fourth generation to farm here at Orakau Farm. We returned here after 20 years in the corporate world and love the new career.

Since purchasing the family farm, it has transitioned from maize (and before that Dairy and before that sheep) to being a certified organic pastoral farm. The utility area is certified organic for the domestic market.

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I grew up in Tikokino, Central Hawkes Bay, on the family sheep and beef farm. After high school, I moved into commercial fruit production – apples. On this journey, the orchard transitioned into organics and my interest grew from there.

Fast forward to now, after working in both conventional and organic apples in Hawkes Bay, I’ve been part of the Farmlands team since 2012, working with our organic shareholders across a variety of different crops and regions, and working closely with our wider Farmlands team and our supply partners, looking for innovation and opportunities.

I’ve had involvement with different industry committees and groups through my time in organics and currently am a Director with Biogro Nz. 

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I started out farming in the Rakaia Gorge, which is subject to extreme conditions in Winter. After suffering organo-phosphate poisoning, I switched fertiliser and mineral practises and used colour therapy to turn things around, later making the move to Balclutha to develop what was, in those days, the largest dairy farm in New Zealand.

Poor health encouraged a move away from farming and into liquid fert spreading across South Island farmland. Then, eleven years of research culminated in the birth of Hydroboost – a method of injecting low frequency radio waves into water. This has seen me returning to the high country to carry out cutting edge research. I advocate for sustainable farming and educating our young farmers to farm regeneratively.

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After finishing his studies in Law and Commerce, Sam found within him a deep desire to contribute to the greater good of humanity and decided he would spend the rest of his life working life helping to regenerate and heal our planet.

Mingiroa Farm at the time was at a bit of a crisis point. Having converted to dairy in 2008 and geared up for a high input system, a large level of debt was taken on through both the conversion and the dairy downturn. With high running costs and a large environmental toll, the family took it upon themselves to make significant changes. This initially involved destocking, converting to organics and to a full grass system. Sam was the passion and the driving force behind these changes and has since also incorporated organic vegetables into Mingiroa Farm’s diverse operation. Five years on and the farm is reaping many rewards of the transition.

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