Jersey Girl Organics: The New Gold Standard in Milk

Award-winning Lewis Road Creamery and Jersey Girl Organics of Matamata have teamed up to produce the absolute ultimate in milk. So good, there was no option but to give it a gold top!

In Lewis Creamery’s own words:

“Jersey Girl Organics; John Vosper Liz MacKay, their children Michael and Laura and their herd of 210 pedigree Jerseys create non-homogenised, organic, A2 ß-Casein milk which we modestly believe, is as good as it gets.”

JerseyGirlAt Jersey Girl Organics, the pedigree cows are named and have their own special character. You can read about them on the Gold Top website: and there is more info about the Jersey Girls here too:

Denizen is calling the new Gold Top the creme de la creme of milk, and we can’t wait to get hold of some.

John Vosper of Jersey Girl Organics has long been involved in the ODPG, and remains a committee member, so for us this is a real cause to celebrate, and to wish John and his family all the best with their involvement with the wonderful Lewis Creamery company.

Cover Photo Credit: Jersey Girl Organics

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