Jono Frew: ODPG Conference Spotlight

We’ve been privileged to have Jono Frew speak at one of conferences before, back in 2020, and it’s great to see just how much he has achieved since then and to welcome him back. He’ll be presenting on the subject of ‘Farming aligned with nature for a healthy and resilient future’ and we know it’ll be fascinating!

Jono Frew has worn a few hats in his short but full life to date…

Dairy farmer, Ag chem sprayer and agronomist (or as he likes to say a “contract killer”)

Organic mixed cropping sheep and beef farmer, entrepreneur, Farm coach and consultant, public speaker, agroecologist, Mechanic, Engineer, bit of a bogan and a Father and Husband to name a few.

Jono has a very unique perspective on the world, especially when it comes to people, farming and soil. He lives his life from the question: How do I create a world that works, aligned with Nature?

Jono is very passionate and believes we are on track to creating a status quo of food production systems that regenerate the farmers, the soil, the animals insects microbes and plants, and the people that eat them, all while restoring the natural function of the planet as a by-product. Imagine that!!

Jono has founded Quorum Sense, Natural Performance Ltd, Symbiosis and the “Soils where it’s at Baby” group on Facebook and is working toward his dream of owning and operating a farm and raising his family while inspiring and educating others to powerfully navigate their own creative regenerative journey of discovery. 

Visit Jono’s Natural Performance website.

2023 ODPG Conference | ORGANICS Past, Present & Future


  • Six knowledgeable speakers
  • Two fascinating field trips.
  • A chance for all those with an interest in organic, regenerative and biological farming to get together, learn together and share ideas.

We hope you can join us!

WE’D LIKE TO THANK ALL OUR SPONSORS who were extremely patient while we hastily changed our conference location from the site of cyclone devastation in Hawkes Bay.

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