ODPG Conference Spotlight: Phyllis Tichinin

Exploring the Link Between Pastural Diversity and Human Health

Phyllis Tichinin is a soils consultant, eco-nutritionist  and former organic dairy support farmer.  She provides education and coaching to farmers transitioning to organic pastoral production as well as distributing Dr Paul Dettloff’s Lab organically certified animal remedies in New Zealand.

Her life long interest has been in nutrition, thanks to a mother who insisted on the family milking a cow and producing its own meat. That orientation towards health meant no Coke or Twinkies for Phyllis and her 5 siblings,  for which she is now, extremely grateful.

Phyllis has a soil’s science  and environmental management background from University California Davis. She worked for the State of California in the Secretary for Resources Agency and then in the Governor’s Office, focusing on hazardous substances policy and appropriate technologies for energy  and resource conservation.

She has lived in New Zealand for the last 25 years farming and  provided numerous biological agriculture courses over the last 13 years. She has specialised knowledge and a keen interest in the value of saturated animal fats in the human diet.

Her talk will provide an overview on the links between pasture diversity and butter fat qualities focusing on the value of the mystery Vitamin K2 to human health and potentially to the future of the NZ dairy industry. 

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Phyllis will provide valuable insights into how to position your farm for further premiums while using Vitamin K2 for healthy longevity to enjoy the fruits of your labours.

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