ODPG Webinar: Biodynamics Takes Centre Stage

This year we are continuing our regular webinars on all sorts of farming topics as part of a programme provided to our members, allowing us to continue educating.

HOSTChristine Moginie & Janette Perrett
DATEThursday 9 June
Online Webinar


As we watch our world turn upside down and inside out I have noticed and been surprised by the number of times Rudolph Steiner’s name and principles have surfaced. He was definitely before his time.

Steiner’s work has been influencing worldwide audiences since the 1920’s in many arenas. His biodynamic preps used to balance food producing soils are in sharp contrast to the synthetic fertilizers that have damaged our planet. Steiner’s methods are simple, cheap and proven to be very successful by his followers.

In New Zealand Biodynamics (BD) has a large following of both small and large scale farmers. It was in the recent ‘Harvest’ BD magazine I read Lin Bautze’s article where she describes ‘biodynamic farms as having a different energy that protects the earth’ and she questions why for some farmers ‘it is a strange thing to concern oneself with a spiritual aspect in one’s own farming work?’ Is this where the ‘gut feeling’ comes into play and not the instruction booklet- I wonder.

Another article in the magazine was written by Christine Moginie introducing ‘The Three Kings’ preparations, biodynamic preps other than the original seven I personally knew of. There is so much more to learn and I have invited Christine to have an open discussion with me on our next webinar as ‘Biodynamics Takes Centre Stage’

I’m sure there will be an element of surprise for everyone as Christine and I discuss plant energies, the untold world of BD and the aura of the land.

Janette Perrett | ODPG Chair


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