ODPG Webinar: Mastitis Q&A

This year we are continuing our regular webinars on all sorts of farming topics as part of a programme provided to our members, allowing us to continue educating through Covid-19 restrictions.

HOSTTracey Simpson from Homeopathic Farm Services & Janette Perrett
DATEWednesday 2nd March 2022
Online Webinar


Mastitis can come and go without rhyme nor reason and as organic food producers it can be a real battle to control without conventional intervention.

Homeopathy can offer some of the answers and on Wednesday 2nd March at 7.30pm Tracey from Homeopathic Farm Services and I will be discussing several ways to keep mastitis within the parameters to supply high grade milk.

Both Tracey and I are dairy farmers and we invite you to join us on the night with any concerns you may have. 

Janette Perrett | ODPG Chair


Cost: FREE

  • The Webinar link will be emailed directly to members before the event.
  • The Webinar will be recorded for those members who are unable to attend and made available through the member’s resources page of our website. (You will need to be logged in to view). All previously recorded webinars from the series are available through this page, including Biodynamics, Homeopathy, the Soil Foodweb, Compost, On-Farm Fertility, Humates, Animal Wellness, ELF Waves, Soil, Cows & Carbon, Biochar, Holistic Farm Management and Trees for Farms.


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Photo Credit : Lukas Hartmann (Pexels)

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