Earth Supports Life

The Organic Dairy & Pastoral Group are pioneers of the oncoming paradigm shift. Providing a step-by-step guide to prepare farmers for the changes ahead is the mission they have been given. They are able to teach, mentor, educate anyone who cares to ask. How to manage the environment and animals without chemicals, antibiotics, urea and common fertilizers is a gift they are able to share. We’re here to help, so come and join us. Let’s get our hands dirty.
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ODPG at Fieldays 2021

If you’re one of the 130,000 people heading to Mystery Creek for Fieldays 2021 this week, check in and say hello to our Executive Committee members and ODPG Suppliers, and watch our ODPG Fieldays video. If you’re not already a member, look out for the discount code shown on screen giving you 50% OFF Farm Membership. Come and join us for the rest of the year for just $50! Continue reading ODPG at Fieldays 2021

Dr Alistair Humphrey: ODPG Conference Presentation

Dr. Alistair Humphrey, Medical Officer of Health for Canterbury, investigates the correlation between high rates of nitrates found in the water supply and the incidence of bowel cancer, and looks at the role of commercial dairy farming in his presentation ‘Drinking Water: Colorectal Cancer & Nitrates’. Continue reading Dr Alistair Humphrey: ODPG Conference Presentation