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In every farmer’s life there comes a time of ultimate challenge – a time when every resource is tested, a time when faith, values and the ability to persist is pushed to the limit. Some will use such tests as opportunities and others will allow these experiences to destroy them.

An ever growing number of earth’s care takers are discovering a new energy and enthusiasm, something they didn’t realize was possible. They have been driven by the need to nurture all life, taking care of the resources that will sustain us for generations to come. There will be a small number of farmers unable to adapt to the new paradigm and this is where frustration and self-destruction will eventually take its toll.

For a number of years working outside the conventional/factory farming model was known as the path taken by ‘tree huggers’ and ‘greenies’. Recently regenerative organics has repainted that earlier image with its success as the untold secret of how to manage the soil and environment without harm to the ecosystem.

This world has not been invisible, it has not been hidden, it has not been unpublished; it has been in plain sight for all to see. But only now have the masses started to look as uncertainty and fear begins to take centre stage.

Rising awareness more in tune with Nature, intuitively recognizing how she transmits information, will upskill each individual for the role they need to play. It is the first essential element required to demystify the static occupation agriculture has framed around us.

Building resilience begins with the ‘self’. Practical decisions are dependent on how the ‘whole’ picture is portrait, and understanding why the ‘gut’ feeling seems the path to take rather than how the statistics recommend, is a significant change of paradigm, an important step forward.

The Organic Dairy & Pastoral Group are pioneers of the oncoming paradigm shift. Providing a step-by-step guide to prepare farmers for the changes ahead is the mission they have been given. They are able to teach, mentor, educate anyone who cares to ask. How to manage the environment and animals without chemicals, antibiotics, urea and common fertilizers is a gift they are able to share.

Agriculture’s current dilemma stems from WWII and is deeply ingrained in the farming community as, for decades, peers have been teaching peers without ever questioning the science they were preaching.

The time has come to self-educate and immerse ourselves in the new, but really the ‘old’ ways we intuitively knew that were passed down in our DNA.

by Janette Perrett (ODPG Chair)

‘You cannot discover oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore’

Andre Gide


Photo Credit: StockSnap de Pixabay

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