ODPG WEBINAR: Soil, Cows and Carbon

This year we’ll be continuing our regular webinars on all sorts of farming topics as part of a programme provided to our members.

HOSTPhyllis Tichinin (True Health) and Janette Perrett
DATEWednesday 18 Aug
TIME7.30pm to approx. 8.30pm
Online via Zoom

To help make sense of how carbon fits within our farming systems, Phyllis Tichinin – soils consultant, eco-nutritionist and former organic dairy support farmer – will be joining me for this webinar. The main focus will be on the connection between fertiliser applications, pasture qualities, methane emissions and soil carbon.

Sequestering carbon is on everyone’s agenda. It’s an element that never made the headlines but thanks to the Paris Accord and our ever changing climate it is difficult to avoid the subject.

By 2022 all properties larger than 80ha will be required to record and monitor their carbon emissions. This is a huge ask in my opinion and the first question that comes to mind is ‘how’?

Our webinar starts at 7.30pm on Wednesday 18th August and will be a great opportunity to get some answers and have a discussion around this interesting subject. We hope you’ll join us.

Janette Perrett | ODPG Chair


Cost: FREE

  • The Zoom Webinar link will be emailed directly to members before the event.
  • The Webinar will be recorded for those members who are unable to attend and made available through the member’s resources page of our website. (You will need to be logged in to view). All previously recorded webinars from the series are available through this page, including Biodynamics, Homeopathy, the Soil Foodweb, Compost, On-Farm Fertility, Humates, Animal Wellness and ELF Waves.


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Photo Credit: Chepte Cormani (Pexels.com)

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