Rich Diversity through Permaculture

SUNDAY APRIL 14th | 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. | Warkworth, north of Auckland

“Permaculture is an interdisciplinary earth science which encompasses many kinds of appropriate technologies and sustainable design methodologies, such as; renewable energy, water conservation, organic food production, ecological building techniques, micro-economics and more.

In a world of rapid ecological change & seemingly insurmountable social & environmental problems, Permaculture offers practical solutions using design principles drawn from the observation of natural systems. From individual homes to entire bio-regions, Permaculture has the potential to repair damaged landscapes, build capacity in communities and replace apathy with self empowerment.”

VENUE: Wayne and Karen’s Beef Farm

The Douglas’s beef farm is evolving a diverse regenerative regime from a lean country. Many inputs require considerable building in order to offer best quality produce from healthier stock and allow Karen and Wayne to develop an abundant and diverse profitable future. Will Permaculture be a valuable tool to guide such an ideal?

Workshop leader, Steve Hart, is one of the world’s prominent Permaculture practitioners, with a wealth of international experience across every subject of Permaculture.

What is Permaculture and how can it be of benefit to you? Join us and find out.

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