Plant Trees by Searching the Internet

A search engine which channels a large part of its profits into planting trees is gaining traction. Though has been around for a while now, eco-conscious people are currently flocking to use it due to the ever-accelerating threat of climate breakdown and their eagerness to make a change. Trees are one of the best climate change weapons we have to hand with their ability to reduce carbon levels, and if simply searching the internet can lead to more of them, it’s a no-brainer to make the change.


As with all search engines, Ecosia (a Certified B Corporation) comes with advertising. But the big difference is how the company uses their advertising revenue. Unlike other search engines, Ecosia release 47% of their profit to 25 non-profit tree-planting organisations around the world, in regions where more trees are desperately needed. They have now helped to plant over 100 million trees (and counting)!

As a searcher using the engine, you can keep track of how many trees you have personally helped to plant by checking the little counter displayed in the top corner.


Simply enter this into your Internet browser: and search away!

To make sure it’s your default way of searching, set it as your home page. Some browsers, like Firefox, will prompt you to set it as the default search engine.


There are always doubts as to whether a company is walking the talk, and it’s important to do some digging and check the facts. To become a B-Certified Corporation, Ecosia has been through an in-depth assessment of its practises, and here is a video looking into the tree-planting side by Our Changing Climate. Have a watch and see what you think…

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