Radio Interview with Organic Vet, Dr Paul Dettloff

The Organic Dairy and Pastoral Group, together with True Health NZ, hosted a series of successful workshops with Dr Paul Dettloff, the consulting vet for the largest organic milk cooperative in the USA with 1,700 dairy farms.

Click here to hear an interview with Dr Dettloff on RadioNZ.


One thought on “Radio Interview with Organic Vet, Dr Paul Dettloff

  1. I like this site, I remember when CROPP met with us NFO leaders to see if we would be willing to work with CROPP on the first Dairy program for them. It worked out and here we still are Organic Valley Cooperative & The National Farmers Organization working together to help farmers put a better on farm price on what they produce. Organic Valley Producers are also members of the National Farmers organization many of them utilizing the all commodity concept of the National Farmers Organization. I was at the first meeting between them in Sauk City WI the NFO office I am 76 now and spent most of my farming life as an NFO member or as the National Director of training and had the opportunity to travel across the USA I am so proud of farmers I just hope more of them organize to achieve a cost of production plus a profit to benefit their families. go to for information on both organizations. I would like a Reply I know Paul Olson very well.

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