Soil: A poor man’s tropical rainforest

“Soils are often referred to as a poor man’s tropical rainforests. This is due to the abundance and diversity of life within the soil … These organisms are the ones that are driving the decomposition and nutrient cycling within the soil.”

Soil Scientist Felicity Crotty, speaking at the Oxford Real Farming Conference

An article from The Guardian looks at the relatively-unknown world beneath our feet and stresses how much we undervalue its importance. From micronutrients, food webs, carbon regulation, water storage, detoxification and earthworms, to the millions of microscopic, unidentified micro-organisms it holds, soil is a wondrous, hugely-complex, underestimated structure that enables and supports all life on earth.

And we’re destroying it.

Photo Credit: Red Zeppelin (Pexels)

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