Soil as a Supra-Organism

A super link to start off your weekend and a fine way to spend half an hour! Here is the legendary Jerry Brunetti talking about ‘Soil as a Supra-Organism’.

“Biological systems are responsible for making the wealth that we call the soil. Eco-farmers tend to fixate on the quantifiable subjects of mineral balance, levels of biological activity, etc. But there are large numbers of species of micro life with unknown roles in the soil. When isolated for study, they lose their functionality. Likewise, we can quantify the mineral levels in soil, plants and animals, but do not understand how they function in combination with the biology of the soil. Ecosystems are much larger than we can conceive, and they spawn the alchemical magic that we can only witness. Drawing from the wisdom of Kervran and others, Brunetti will explore and pay homage to the superorganism that we call soil.”

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