Soil Biodiversity

With many thanks to Leo Condron, Professor of Biogeochemistry at Lincoln University in the Department of Soil Science, we have some great reading material to share on Soil Biodiversity.

First up is the Global Soil Diversity Atlas – A joint venture from the Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative and the European Commission Joint Research Centre, the Global Soil Biodiversity Atlas is the first synthesis of global soil biodiversity research and its importance to our living world. This is a free download, with hard copies also available.


ARTICLE: The Marvels of Soil BioDiversity – The multitude of organisms actively making up the soil biomass are crucial to the survival and growth of all plants and animals:

PAPER: Soil Biodiversity and Biogeochemical Function in Managed Ecosystems:

PAPER: Cover Crops Reduce Nitrate-Leaching in AgroEcosystems: A Global Meta-Analysis

Cover Photo Credit: Alissa Welker

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