The Role of the Soil Food Web: Webinar

We’ll be running regular webinars on all sorts of farming topics for the rest of the year as part of a programme provided to our members. ‘When life in the soil is in balance, the minerals in the soil will be balanced as well.’ Agriculture has for centuries cultivated and farmed the soil for food. Each decade has seen the introduction of new methods, different strategies and to an extent, successful technologies to feed the population. After WWII the industrial revolution witnessed spoils of the period being applied to the ground boosting grass growth to everyone’s delight. The rewards were … Continue reading The Role of the Soil Food Web: Webinar

Creating Farm Diversity – Soil – Pasture and Landscape

Farm Field day at Shortland Farm in Opunake. We will look at what it takes to create a diverse farm landscape, including how to create and improve diversity in pastures, trees for food and habitat and driving your soil to new levels. . . . COST: ODPG Members $30:00 Non-Members $60:00 Course Tutors: Phyllis Tichinin & Steve Erickson . . . TO SECURE YOUR PLACE, please fill out the contact form Continue reading Creating Farm Diversity – Soil – Pasture and Landscape

Making and Using Plant Extract

The Arboreal Food Web is all about the microscopic life above the ground. Farm Specific Plant Extracts is an age old practice of creating on-farm soil health that works with the arboreal food web. Each plant that grows extracts very specific nutrients from the soil depending on its own needs and the needs of other plants that may be growing around it, or that may be growing in the future. Learn about the benefits and methods of making plant extracts in this introductory workshop. Cost: ODPG Members – $30.00 Non-members – $60.00 Course Tutor: Steve Erickson . . . TO … Continue reading Making and Using Plant Extract