The Huge Farming Benefits of Biodiverse Forage

When given a wide choice of plants to graze on, it is apparent that livestock develop a browsing knowledge and seek out the plants they need for nutrition, energy and mineral intake. They learn which medicinal plants they need to eat to keep them healthy. Pasture biodiversity is key to maintaining the health of a herd, but also essential to developing healthy soil amongst other important factors.

This fascinating ‘Eco Farming Daily’ article looks at the history of the research into this simple approach to livestock farming, with reports on herbal foraging from the last 100 years and more.

Livestock producers must have faith … that animals are the best judges of their diet (when not in confinement), that such livestock are able to make dietary choices that reflect the fertility of the soil, and that livestock health is a primary, not secondary, consideration with regard to farm profitability. 

Eco Farming Daily

(With thanks to Phyllis Tichinin)

Photo Credit: Alissa Welker

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