Unexpected Boost to Wool Suppliers

The resurgence of Covid-19 in New Zealand, and the restrictions imposed, has lead to a boom in the sale of woollen masks. Current advice is that masks do reduce transmission of the virus, and the government has strongly advised people to wear them when they are out of the home, whether in Level 2 or 3.

The nationwide move to shopping local brought about by Covid-19 has meant that many Kiwis are sourcing NZ made masks to wear, and many outlets have sold out and are hurriedly trying to keep up with the new demand.

““Look at the wellbeing benefits for people and the environment using innovation to create a product that’s proving highly successful in marketing against synthetics. These masks are a good example of re-educating consumers and reinforcing the superior qualities of wool.”

Campaign for Wool chair, Tom O’Sullivan

Cover Photo Credit: Trinity Kubassek (Pexels.com)

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