Watch Now: Dr Paul Dettloff’s Workshops on Film

In March last year, Dr Dettloff came to New Zealand and we ran a series of inspirational workshops with him and True Health NZ. Film-maker, Gaylene Barnes, came along to film the workshops, and we’re delighted to let you know that the films are now available for ODPG Members to view on our YouTube Channel.

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Healthy Soil. Healthy Cow (1 HOUR 40 MINS)

Reading the Hair. Signs of a Healthy Cow (41 MINS)

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Dr Paul Dettloff is the most senior and experienced organic vet in the United States. For the last 25 years he has worked for Organic Valley Farms, the largest organic dairy cooperative in the world, with 2300 farms. He is on the point of retiring and has brought hundreds of dairy farms onto the Organic Valley truck. His specialised knowledge and approachable style of teaching is unmatched for practical value to farmers. He teaches establishing animal health and production from the soil up, ways to treat health issues and demonstrate how to assess animal health and production from cow vital signs and hair coat. Valuable for both dairy and sheep/beef farmers.

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