Working with Nature NOT Against it

Three farms in the Bay of Plenty, managed by three siblings, are converting to organic after being inspired by a book. All have no doubt that they are doing the right thing.

The book was called ‘Folks, This Ain’t Normal‘ by Joe Salatin, and it inspired farmer, Shane Armstrong, to read more about living simply, and pass the idea on to his siblings, Tina and Shanon.

After researching and attending courses and workshops, all three siblings signed up to be organic milk suppliers from 2021.

Dairy farmers will argue organic farming is unprofitable compared to ‘conventional’ farming, – the view being that the farmer will have to drop cow numbers, grow less feed, drop milk production and consequently their profit margin and will be in a worse place financially.

For Tina and Hayden, the numbers show the opposite to be true.

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Read more in this detailed article about the changes they are making to diversify their farms and improve their soils.

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