Arboreal Food Web

Learn more about the mysteries of the Arboreal Food Web by watching this interesting talk by Michael Phillips at the Soil and Nutrition Conference 2018

Biological growers are learning to honor and work with the soil food web in all its amazing complexity. Yet few have penetrated the mysteries of the arboreal food web.
As below so above, one might say in carrying ancient wisdom to a next level of understanding. Diverse microbial populations on plant surfaces occupy the very niche that disease pathogens seek. Nutrient mobilization carries forward in deeper ways than our limited grasp of foliar feeding suggests. Agrarians become homegrown cooks extraordinaire when utilizing fatty acids, core nutrients, and fermented herbs to reinforce biological connections on the frontlines of photosynthesis. Add a practical edge to your growing game with commonly available resources that take into account this arboreal realm.

(Quote accompanying ‘Supporting the Arboreal Food Web’)

Cover Photo Credit: Alissa Welker

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