BIOSTART: Conference Sponsor Profile

We’re very happy to have the sponsorship of several great companies for our 2020 Conference ‘The Regenerative Soil Solution’. All the companies have been so supportive of our message, and we look forward to having them with us at Lincoln University in March.

BioStart is a leading New Zealand bio-technology company specialising in microbial activators and fermentation extracts for agriculture and horticulture.

“Healthy soil is the key to making the most of your farm”.

Dayne Plummer, Biostart founding developer

Biostart has been quietly getting on with solving productivity issues and improving sustainability through harnessing naturally occurring microbes for the last 25 years. We believe the key to productivity lies in keeping soil, plants and animals in optimal health. This, along with an early dedication to sustainability followed with extensive trialing, now puts Biostart in the position of being able to provide primary industry with reliable and sustainable products that both improve productivity and help protect our environment at this time of crucial change.

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