WEBINAR: Organic Pest Control

In the ideal organic regime everything is balanced, the pests are no longer pests and disease no longer exists. The realization of establishing the above environment is it takes time, and lots of it. It also involves a lot of trial and errors that can be expensive. In our next webinar, we’ll be looking at forms of organic pest control with Tanya and Scott from UPL. Continue reading WEBINAR: Organic Pest Control

Jono Frew: ODPG Conference Presentation

Jono Frew from Quorum Sense is off to a flying start as he cartwheels into his presentation! He talks about his journey into regenerative farming and the social and mental benefits that come with it. He believes that the regenerative approach not only positively impacts the farm, but also improves the quality of life. Continue reading Jono Frew: ODPG Conference Presentation

Phyllis Tichinin: ODPG Conference Presentation

Phyllis Tichinin, soils consultant, eco-nutritionist and former organic dairy support farmer, takes a look at soil aggregation, an important aspect of soil function and health, and shows us how it works. Don’t miss the interesting demonstration she uses to prove her point in her presentation ‘Soil Aggregation Made Sexy: Biology vs Water Power’ Continue reading Phyllis Tichinin: ODPG Conference Presentation