Regenerative Solutions

ODPG Member, Fiona Young of ReGenerative Solutions visited our Treasurer’s farm earlier this month as part of a workshop tour she organised around Taranaki with Regenerative Agriculture Coach, Jules Matthews of Integrity Soils (a Commercial Member of ODPG).

Our treasurer, Rachel Short, and her husband Ken farm at Opunake, and their paddocks were examined as part of the workshop on visual soil inspection. Other attendees included former All Black, Carl Hayman, who has a dairy farm nearby.

“(Farmers) pay a lot of attention to soil tests and adding in minerals when and where they need it, but what we haven’t done in agriculture is really equally looked at the biological cycles and how biology mediates and remediates all the mineral cycles and the function of water and air, and treating soil as a living organism.”

Jules Matthews, Integrity Soils

Cover Photo Credit: Alissa Welker (ODPG Conference 2020)

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