WEBINAR: Organic Pest Control

This year we’ll be continuing our regular webinars on all sorts of farming topics as part of a programme provided to our members.


HOSTTanya and Scott from UPL
TIME7:30 p.m to approx 9:00 p.m
ONLINE via Zoom

In the ideal organic regime everything is balanced, the pests are no longer pests and disease no longer exists. The realization of establishing the above environment is it takes time, and lots of it. It also involves a lot of trial and errors that can be expensive. We need access to some of the old methods even if they are a restricted input in which case we want them as organic as possible.

UPL is a global identity and an industrial company progressively moving our way who recently introduced an organically certified slug and snail bait, IronMax Pro which can be identified as number 4429 under BioGro’s certification. UPL’s focus is on sustainability for both grower and the environment and are actively driving towards bio-based solutions. It is one of the top five agricultural solutions companies worldwide.

We discovered their product while searching for something that would deal to the slugs in our garden. I felt it was worth investigating. I learned the NZ branch is wanting to know how they can best serve the organic community and would like to hear what products will benefit our farms and growers.

I am hosting Tanya and Scott Thursday 15th April @7.30pm and need as much input as possible. If you are unable to attend on Thursday night, you can email me your questions and enquiries for discussion.

It’s exciting to be bridging the gap between conventional and organic. As I mentioned earlier, balance is the real answer. ODPG can encourage others to follow using ‘baby steps’ with products such as IronMax Pro in the tool box.

Janette Perrett | ODPG CHAIR


Cost: FREE

  • The Zoom Webinar link will be emailed directly to members before the event.
  • The Webinar will be recorded for those members who are unable to attend and made available through the member’s resources page of our website. (You will need to be logged in to view). All previously recorded webinars from the series are available through this page.


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