Supporting our ODPG Suppliers

This year, we have a total of 24 Commercial Members who help to keep the ODPG going with their membership, and often step forward when we need event sponsors or webinar hosts. We would like to say a big thank you to every single one of them for joining us this year. They enable us to support our organic and regenerative farmers with advice, resources, webinars, workshops and conferences. Continue reading Supporting our ODPG Suppliers

WEBINAR: Organic Pest Control

In the ideal organic regime everything is balanced, the pests are no longer pests and disease no longer exists. The realization of establishing the above environment is it takes time, and lots of it. It also involves a lot of trial and errors that can be expensive. In our next webinar, we’ll be looking at forms of organic pest control with Tanya and Scott from UPL. Continue reading WEBINAR: Organic Pest Control

2021 ODPG Conference Report: The Fabulous Five

On March 21st and 22nd the Organic Dairy & Pastoral Group held their annual conference at Waitawheta Camp in Waihi. This year the subject was ‘Physics in Agriculture’. Physics connects chemistry and biology, and the field was brought into perspective by host presenters Steve Erickson, Ewan Campbell, Dale Speedy, Glen Atkinson and Tracey Simpson, the ‘Fabulous Five’. Continue reading 2021 ODPG Conference Report: The Fabulous Five

CHAOS SPRINGS: 2021 Conference Sponsor Profile

CHAOS SPRINGS has given so much support to the ODPG over the years, with Steve Erickson serving as Chair until last year. Not only has Steve been instrumental in organising this year’s conference, but Chaos Springs is also hosting a farm visit and Steve will be speaking on Phil Callahan’s body of work. Continue reading CHAOS SPRINGS: 2021 Conference Sponsor Profile