Five Core Principles of Soil Restoration

Many human endeavors — conventional farming chief among them — have depleted the Earth to the extent that nutrient levels in almost every kind of food have fallen by between 10 and 100 percent in the past 70 years. Soil quality can improve dramatically, though, when farmers and gardeners maintain constant ground cover, increase microbe populations, encourage biological diversity, reduce the use of agricultural chemicals, and avoid tillage.

Dr. Christine Jones | Eco-Farming Daily (Acres U.S.A)

This excellent, in-depth article by Soil Ecologist, Dr. Christine Jones, is worth spending time with if you have an interest in building soil health. It’s essentially a condensation of the key messages from leading experts in biological agriculture over the last 20 years, with references supplied.

Many thanks to Phyllis Tichinin for the link.

Photo Credit: Tom Fisk (Pexels)

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