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Fertco has been working with Organic Farmers for a very long time with their certified products, and so it’s great to have them on board for the 2023 Organic Conference in Hamilton in April. Find out more about their CloverZone® programme below.

15 Years of Organics

Fertco was founded 24 years ago by a group of farmers looking to apply different principles to the way fertiliser was recommended and used. These farmers wanted products and advice that encouraged healthy soils, supporting high producing clover dense pastures with minimal impacts to the wider environment.

Fertco are committed to the organic sector and last year received our “15+ Years” logo from Bio-gro.  Fertco can blend and supply a wide range of Bio-gro certified fertilisers, micro-nutrients and biostimulants.

Fertco technical field representatives understand that organic dairy farmers need to be the very best managers of clover growth, as this provides their main source of nitrogen. As the economical options for nitrogen products are limited, the establishment of high performing clover rich pastures is a top priority. Fertco have developed the CloverZone® programme, in conjunction with Eurofins and Graham Shepherd, to accurately define limitations to clover growth. Fertco’s CloverZone® programme is a comprehensive soil and herbage testing program coupled with visual soil assessment (VSA).

Come and have a chat with us at the ODPG conference to see how we can help you to reach your production goals. www.fertco.co.nz, 0800 FERTCO (337 826)

The ODPG Conference would not be able to go ahead without our supportive, valued sponsors. Their input allows us to make ticket prices more affordable and get the word out to a wider audience. Please be sure to support them back.

2023 ODPG Conference | ORGANICS Past, Present & Future


  • Six knowledgeable speakers
  • Two fascinating field trips.
  • A chance for all those with an interest in organic, regenerative and biological farming to get together, learn together and share ideas.

We hope you can join us!


WE’D LIKE TO THANK ALL OUR SPONSORS who were extremely patient while we hastily changed our conference location from the site of cyclone devastation in Hawkes Bay.

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