How to Grow Your Soil – A Look at the Literature

An interesting Farmers Weekly ‘Pulpit’ article from David Horwood (Kiwifruit Grower and Beef Farmer) looks at the advice on building soil and increasing filtration rates from Allan Savory, Charles Massy and Gabe Brown, and asks what can be done to improve and increase New Zealand’s topsoil…

Some time ago I heard of Gabe Brown’s Dirt to Soil book. At first I resisted getting it. I mean, what would a Yank know about soil? They do dust bowls. Finally, I bought a copy and read it. Boom. I bought another three, lent two out and sent one to Jacinda Ardern.

David Horwood (Farmers Weekly)

Here are links to all three books mentioned – available online during Covid-19 restrictions at the Book Depository. (Please support your local bookshop wherever possible once restrictions are lifted)

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