Case Studies from Cutting-Edge Regenerative Farms

An important website looking into what is working in the field of regenerative farming by examining innovative and regenerative Australian farms. Reports can be browsed by agricultural sector and state, with over a million hectares under observation.

We document case studies by working with land managers and farmers across Australia who are at the cutting edge of regenerative landscape management. We conduct field studies on their properties to document the extent of their innovations. What works, why, and to what extent?
The studies, using our cutting edge methodology, provide evidence of how land management innovators are achieving productivity, environmental, economic and social outcomes through regenerative agriculture practices.

Soils for Life Website
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The Regenerative Soil Solution Conference 2020

On March 7 & 8th, 2020, we will be holding our Annual Conference and AGM at Lincoln University on the subject of Regenerative Farming. The weekend will consist of a full programme of expert speakers and regenerative farmers, a guided fieldtrip, and a catered mĀ­enu of delicious, local organic food and wines.

Tickets will go on sale on December 1st. For more information, visit the event on our website:

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