CHANGING PARADIGMS | The WHY of Regenerative Agriculture

Worth a watch is this 23-minute engaging, practical explanation of why Regenerative Agriculture is a giant step forward in tackling climate problems, as seen through the examples of Australian sheep farmers, who regularly face extreme weather conditions.

Charles Massy (author of “Call of the Reed Warbler”) and Norm Smith both take a sustainable, systems thinking approach to sheep farming. They have moved away from industrial practices of land clearing and using chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Now they work with nature rather than against it, in turn, reviving the once over-grazed land. The power of regenerative agriculture is even greater than improving the profitability and resilience of family farms, the implications on planetary and human health are tremendously positive.

‘Tom’s Outdoors Channel’ Changing Paradigms on YouTube

With thanks to Phyllis Tichinin for recommending this short film.

Cover Photo: Tyler Lastovich from Pexels

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