Farming and Biodiversity in New Zealand

A study completed by 500 sheep and beef farmers has shown that the majority see the value and benefits of biodiversity, but more work is needed and more support given to these guardians of nature to reverse the ongoing decline of native bush.

The study highlights our need to show how native bush on farmland can bring an economic benefit to farmers, such as providing habitat for beneficial insects (pollinators, predators of insect pests, and decomposers), erosion control, carbon sequestration excess nutrient uptake, and improving water quality of streams and lakes.

Dr. Melanie Davidson, Beneficial Biodiversity Team | Plant & Food Research

The biodiversity of New Zealand makes a significant contribution to overall global diversity with an estimated 80,000 native species. New Zealand is recognised internationally as a ‘hotspot’ for biodiversity.

Visit RNZ to read more about the conclusions of the latest study:

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