Farming for the Future: Gabe Brown Keynote Address

For most farmers, Gabe Brown needs no introduction. He has been named one of the twenty-five most influential agricultural leaders in the United States and runs a 5,000 acre farm in North Dakota. In the beginning he used tillage, fertilizers, pesticides and fungicides as well as conventional grazing practices, but four years of storms and crop failures almost destroyed the farm, and him.

Instead of succumbing to failure, he sought a better way and fought back by working on soil health through holisitic and regenerative practises. Now he uses covercrops and no-till methods, he has elimated synthetic fertilisers, fungicides and pesticides, and is working on eliminating herbicides. His farm is a huge, healthy, productive success, and one of his aims is to help others transform their own farms with educational resources, farm tours and conference appearances. His book ‘Dirt to Soil’ is on many farmers’ bookshelves.

Here is Gabe Brown giving the keynote address at Farming for the Future 2020 in Michigan, hosted by the Van Buren Conservation District back in March:

“Regenerative Agriculture – Letting Nature Work For You.”

Cover Photo Credit: Alissa Welker (ODPG Conference 2020)

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