Help a Deserving Farmer Attend Our Conference…

We’re running a two-day farming conference – ‘The Regenerative Soil Solution’ – in March at Lincoln University to look at a way forward for New Zealand agriculture in today’s climate. As an incorporated society, our aim is to connect, support and educate Organic Farmers in New Zealand.

We have kept our ticket prices as low as possible to make it affordable to farmers on limited budgets who wish to come and learn how to make their farms more profitable. However the prices are still too high for some who would love to attend.

One elderly farmer in South Island, in particular, has been brought to our attention. This farmer has been given his whole life to farming, and it would be a real treat for him to attend the conference, but he just can’t afford it.

If you’d like to donate towards tickets to make some deserving farmers dreams come true, it doesn’t matter if it’s a little or a lot, every bit helps. Once we have raised enough for our elderly farmer, we’ll keep the funds open to help others attend who would otherwise be unable to.

Many thanks in advance,
The Team at ODPG

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